The soluton

Solution: You want him out of the White House don't you? And you think you are going to get him out in the General? Think again! If you get him out in the Primary not the General then you have a chance in getting this country back to a sound economy. BUT you people are not thinking outside the box.. you are going to be trapped in the same box you are jailed in now.

Your PROFESSIOAL politicians aren't doing squat for you! They fear an outsider who knows business and will go through the BOOKS! I will go through the book and search each penny spent. We need to expose that he took over 4 billion to give to foreigners on an emergency base social security. The Dill Grant is not for Americans but for Foreigners. How much more are you going to allow the EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS to keep stealing from YOU?

Now You want him out and you wont do one extremely simple thing! Change parties from Republican to Democrat just for the PRIMARY and vote for ME. I am the challenger. Also another simple thing you can do is to demand the news papers and TV to acknowledge me. Obama does not want anyone to know he has a challenger and by doing this those who don't want to vote for him won't come to the polls to vote for me, Also start collecting money for me. I am endorsed by Dale the President of the Tea Party. I have the guts to get out there and talk.

You say you want him out then just don't complain do something. If he gets re elected it will be your fault for not taking action NOW and voting for these PROFESSIONAL POLITICANS !

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