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Alabama Election Information

Statewide election dates
March 31, 2020: Primary runoff
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 Alabama elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
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State Supreme Court
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  • Bob - Thanks for this info. I agree the Union members need to standup for America, even if their Union Bosses don't.
  • Bob - Thanks for this info. I agree the Union members need to standup for America, even if their Union Bosses don't.
  • What Sarah Said: Fri at 9:45am
    Union Brothers and Sisters:
    Your Leadership Doesn’t Get It – You Deserve Better

    In the latest to come out of D.C.’s backroom health care deals, President Obama yesterday cut a doozy of a deal with labor union bosses. The fed’s health care plan must be so bad that even union bosses had to go to D.C. to say they wanted out. So... to keep their support for a flawed plan they got an exemption to provisions in the deal that others did not. Small business owners, our families running America’s mom & pops, did not get this deal. Ask yourself: why did union bosses get special treatment? And when did our country’s unions get on the wrong track with moves like this that hurt their good members and put them in such a bad light?

    Good hard-working, pro-free-market, pro-America union members should join in opposition to their union bosses’ sweetheart deal. Coming from a union background and living in a world with many union memberships among my family and friends, I know that average members will be embarrassed by their bosses’ deal, which basically only delays the heavy tax on their health care plans until 2018 and in the meantime unfairly leaves many fellow Americans in a much less “enviable” position.

    Union members don’t want to stick it to non-union colleagues in the private and public sector. Their union leadership is not helping them in the long run, they’re certainly not helping the rest of America, and unfortunately some union bosses are making all union members look bad, selfish, and anti-business with this Big Government backroom deal.

    I know that ordinary union members don’t want to hurt their fellow Americans, just as ordinary Nebraskans didn’t want to stick it to the rest of the country with a sweetheart deal on Medicaid subsidies. I urge union members to make their voices heard. Please, call your leadership – don’t put up with these special-interest politics – tell them to fight for all Americans who want common sense health care reform, not this flawed boondoggle.

    - Sarah Palin
  • Victory or Death the secret password of George Washington, we all must make this our agenda as well.

  • Dec. 31, 2009 What kind of health does congress get and at what cost?
  • Joel - I guess the politicians are practicing politics. The only problem they are not qualified to do the job. Failed Ideologies produce Fail Policies.
  • RE: The president and his cabinet --If they were doctors we'd say they were proctologists attempting brain surgury with about the same success rate.

    Alabama (R-Shelby)

    Richard Shelby was first elected to the Senate as a Democrat in 1984 by a whisker, but jumped ship and became a Republican in 1994 when the Republicans took over. While conservative on social issues, he is more moderate in economic issues, reflecting his Dixiecrat origins. He is also sitting on a huge pile of cash ($13 million) and won praise in his state for opposing the Wall St. bailout. He won reelection with 68% of the vote in 2004 and is likely to get that again no matter which sacrificial lamb the Democrats come up with.
  • On a recent Glenn Beck Show, he had a graph that illustrated the percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is... a real life business, not a government job. Here are the percentages discussed by Mr. Beck.

    T. Roosevelt........ 38%
    Wilson ................. 52%
    Coolidge.............. 48%
    Hoover................. 42%
    F. Roosevelt......... 50%
    Eisenhower.......... 57%
    Kennedy.............. 30%
    Nixon................... 53%
    Ford..................... 42%
    Carter.................. 32%
    GH Bush.............. 51%
    Clinton ................. 39%
    GW Bush............. 55%

    And the winner of the Chicken Dinner is..............
    Obama................ 8% !!!
    Yep! Thats right! Only Eight Percent!!!..the least by far of the last 19 presidents!! And these people are trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business? They know what's best for GM...Chrysler... Wall Street... and you and me?

    How can the president of a major nation and society...the one with the most successful economic system in world history... stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one?.. or about jobs when he has never really had one??!

    And neither has 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers.! They've spent most of their time in academia, government and/or non-profit jobs....or as "community organizers" ..when they should have been in an employment line.

  • FYI THIS IS THE 2010 HOUSE UP FOR RE-election
    • Bobby Bright (D) of Alabama's 2nd congressional district:
    Freshman Democrat Bobby Bright was elected by a narrow 50%-49% margin. In contrast McCain defeated Obama 63%-36% in the 2nd district in the 2008 Presidential Election. A factor working against Bright is that without Obama on the ballot, there will not be as heavy African American turnout (the 2nd district is 30% black) as there was in 2008. Bobby Bright has bucked his liberal leadership on almost every issue, which may make it difficult for Republicans to compare him with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Republicans have recruited Montgomery city councilwoman Martha Roby [6]. Congressman Bright has already raised $440,000 in preparation for a tough reelection campaign.
    • Mike Rogers (R) of Alabama’s 3rd congressional district:
    Four-term Congressman Mike Rogers was reelected in 2008 by 7%, down from 21 points in 2006. However, the race in 2010 leans Republican. It has a strong base of social conservatives, and McCain defeated Obama in the district with 56 percent of the vote. Democrat Joshua Segall will likely seek a rematch. Rogers has $262,000 in cash on hand, compared to $67,000 for Segall.
    • Parker Griffith (R) of Alabama’s 5th congressional district:
    Parker Griffith was elected as a Democrat to the House of Representatives with 51 percent of the vote in 2008, while McCain received 61 percent. He changed party affiliation to Republican in December 2009.
    Businessman Les Phillip and Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks have announced they will seek the Republican nomination in 2010.
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Calling all Trump supporters! Let’s show the establishment Republicans where the voters stand. It’s time for the Republicans to start listening to We The People! Trump is holding a pep rally this Friday 8/21 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm CDT at the Mobile Civic Center Theater. Let’s pack it to full capacity! Let’s show Bernie, Hillary and the press that we are stronger and more united than the left! Here’s the link for free tickets:…

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No election in 2012

It may be more dangerous than we like to admit. Causal analysis of events since Obama took office seem to indicate that he doesn't care about public opinion. One logical reason for this is that he does not expect to face re-election. And, if there is a "crisis" that provides a reason to declare martial law, then elections could become a thing of the past. I just read that troops are being readied in case violence in Europe spreads to this country due to "pre-revolutionary" conditions here.

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Your infidel taxpayer dollars at work! The dome on Capitol Hill will be gilded in no short order. Where is the separation of mosque and state? Head slap! There s no separation. Mosque is state. (hat tip Creeping Sharia)The Congressional Muslim Staffers (CMSA) – a group we told you about numerous times now (read previous posts here), and their leader Jihad. Well, he chose the name Jihad it always seems to be abbreviated to J. when the media is around.Folks – this is the United States Capitol…

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Work Smarter not Harder

Why don't we get together and send the same message to the public at large? This White House is able to get at every avenue...from the media to the NEA to the prisions (Van Jones spoke at Folsom Prision prior to his resignation), the banks, the unions, the list goes on. What about the web? I'm excited about the new interest in running for public office by individuals that never before considered running.We conservatives need to work smarter not harder. Use the dems game plan. We need to get out…

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