No election in 2012

It may be more dangerous than we like to admit. Causal analysis of events since Obama took office seem to indicate that he doesn't care about public opinion. One logical reason for this is that he does not expect to face re-election. And, if there is a "crisis" that provides a reason to declare martial law, then elections could become a thing of the past. I just read that troops are being readied in case violence in Europe spreads to this country due to "pre-revolutionary" conditions here.

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  • I have been truly conserned about The Abominations blatent disregard for all things Constitutional. I believe if given any chance to avoid it there will be no more elections period. If there are I am convinced he has them all rigged anyways. So it will be a new revolutionary war if The Abomination manages to pull it off. I honestly don't know if we can make it to 2014 eith our Liberty snd Freedoms still intact, especially after reading a recent article about the suspension of Habeas Corpus in America at
    We must put an end to The Abomination once and for all b4 it's too late. God Save America.

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