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  • Josh Morgan Kerr@rocketmail.com - my #*!! computer didn't save when I  highlighted profile- he was in chatroom, insulting other members and trashing the Constitution.  Per Dee, probably a Paulbot. . .or worse!!!  His email started with Joshkerr@



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    Let the military do their JOBS!!!  KILL the enemy!  FUCK the political correctness to HELL with the enemy!


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    Who ever it was knew HOW to ban her because when you search her name it doesn't come up at all...she has been totally wiped out of the system...

  • Sorry to say it was not me and so far of the 3 who have answered me deny doing it. so we must have a hacker or someone from PAN here with authority that they should not have.


    I have received another email from Joan after I reinstated her again.

    Here is her email:

    Joan McDaniel
    9:13 PM (11 hours ago)
    to me
    I went to the site, and found I wasn't logged on.  So I tried to log on and it said mcdanieljoan78@yahoo.com doesn't have an account.  I searched the site without logging in and did not find my blogs there.  I guess they have been erased.  So I guess I am off the site.  I could try to set up a new account but it seems silly.  I don't see any other site or by blog spot with this type of harassment I.  Someone doesn't want me on TPCC.  Not making much sense.  If my stuff is gone someone who has control erased it.
    Thanks for your help
    Now she has been totally banned from the system and I'm not happy about this AT ALL....Joan is a fine patriot and Dee and I have worked with her before. She was banned from PAN because she didn't go in "lock step" with the Director over there. Now she finds TPCC and gets banned for what? Joan is one of those patriots that marches to the beat of a different drum, but she is on our side no matter what.
    I want to know who banned her and why before I tell her what to do next.

    Who banned Joan McDaniel and why?

    Joan McDaniel (mcdanieljoan78@yahoo.com) writes:

    Well, First time for everything.  Sorry Was it something I said?
    Bye for now

    I'm reinstating her. She is a fine patriot.

  • Thank you so much, Ralph!

  • Linda welcome aboard you did a fantastic job as an Moderator/Greeter and I think you will do great in your new job as well.


    We really need to start monitering comments. I am seeing way to many posts with threats of violence against public officials. Right now I have been editing their comments, not deleting them, until other wise notified.

  • Suspended per members request


    Additional Information:I am trying to remove myself from this list, and even though I have done so numerous times by stating I no longer wish to receive emails, and saved the changes, I still am getting emails. Please remove my account Permanently!
    Mara Roberts

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Moderation and the Chat Room

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