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In his reporting John Binder on 2 Sep 2020 in Brightbart news stated in his article titled:

Data: New Foreign-Born Voters in Swing States Exceed 2016 Margins of Victory


"The number of new foreign-born voters, naturalized since 2014, exceeds the 2016 margins of victory in a number of swing states, new data reveals."

"In Michigan, for instance, Trump won the state in 2016 by 10,704 votes against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Between 2014 to 2018, nearly 64,700 new foreign-born voters have entered the electorate in Michigan — including more than 13,500 Iraqi immigrants.

The margins are large in Florida, a key swing state, as well. In 2016, Trump beat Clinton by less than 113,000 votes. Between 2014 to 2018, nearly 415,500 new foreign-born voters have entered the electorate in Florida, almost triple Trump’s margin of victory.

In other swing states like Arizona, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the margins are increasingly close and could be surpassed come election day.

For instance, in Wisconsin, Trump won the state by less than 23,000 votes in 2016. Between 2014 to 2018, more than 19,000 new foreign-born voters have entered the state’s electorate. By 2020, researchers estimate that number could be closer to almost 30,000.

Similarly, in Minnesota, more than 41,200 new foreign-born voters have entered the electorate — primarily from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Mexico. Clinton won the state by almost 44,600 votes. By 2020, the total could be more than 76,000.

The margins would likely be even larger on November 3 if not for a slowdown in naturalizations."

It is not hard to understand that it may take several generations or at least one generation for a foreigner to our land to begin thinking like an American, (what ever that means to you) I believe it is to include understanding what each of the rights installed in the constitution really mean.

All they are doing is importing people with the same beliefs they had in their home countries and casting votes for the same kind of socialist and communist ideas they were used to in their old countries. It is not their fault it is just the way it is. Most people live by what they know.

Since President Bush senior, and his "thousand points of lights", the W.H.O. progressive left and right have undermined this nation’s ability to remain a free republic. By turning this nation over to the influence of new incoming foreign born socialist and communist and not integrating them as they should be and by creating a citizenry that wants to abolish everything about its creation and those that created it to include our laws and longstanding biblical beliefs. This includes all of the progressive foreign policies of past administrations.

This election cycle might well be the last that the conservative free-thinking right will have to save this country or to have a say into the direction our country is going to go in if it isn’t already too late.

I believe the one way to solve this problem is treat each state as though it were a nation in the eyes of the electoral college. Meaning that the States need to be formulated like the states are when it comes to national elections. As every state has appointed electoral reps so should the counties in each state thus giving a county in a state that is considered a flyover county the same vote margins as the electoral college does for the states in the nation. Thus, eliminating the ability for one or two counties in the state to overthrow the other counties in the state. In my state (Florida) there are three or four counties with populations that are so huge that the other 96% of the other counties will account for nothing in the next election and my vote will account for nothing.

If not, I fear the only other recourse we will have is CIVIL WAR.

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