• Hear Hear!

  • What we have here is an another angry petulant child who is use to getting it's way. SCOTUS decision didn't go it's way , it's probably an already angry redditor who just needs a good old fashioned smack down and about a year in the Russian jail with the angry miserable American that's currently sitting in there....

  • I wonder why she wasn't killed 

  • A loser even before she gets to the starting gate of womanhood.


  • This sub human is making the best argument FOR abortion yet.

  • This is a demon of satan and will pay the price .  

  • Our kids sure have been brainwashed. She appears to be very young.  Does she realize that had her parents felt that way she would not be here.

  • then if this person is ever linked to murdering a child or a school shooting then we know why

  • I would like to have a chat with his parents questioning their ability to raise a child.

    • That my friend, is the root of the problem!

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