It’s called the “long game”.

Plans put in place when an objective is not obtainable in the near future, but persistence should ensure their vision comes to fruition at a later time.

Progressives have been working to change the USA into a Marxist country since Horace Mann enacted Prussia’s compulsory school attendance [7] in his home state of Massachusetts in 1852 after he toured Prussia in 1843.

The Prussian system, after its modest beginnings, succeeded in reaching compulsory attendance, specific training for teachers, national testing for all students (both female and male students), a prescribed national curriculum for each grade, and mandatory kindergarten.

Progressive Woodrow Wilson served as the two-term 28th president of the United States from 1913 to 1921.

He policies reduced duties on imports while creating the federal income tax, which was permitted under the recently adopted Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Congress in 1913 passed the act creating the Federal Reserve System. Passed Clayton Antitrust Act (1914), which strengthened existing laws against anticompetitive business actions and gave labor unions relief from court injunctions. Accompanying this act was the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914, which created the Federal Trade Commission, a major agency overseeing business practices.

Fast forward to 2020, colleges all over the US are promoting Marxism, Intersectionality, ‘White Privilege’, ‘Critical Race Theory’, and more.

Especially featured is the indoctrination of Black Lives Matter plus an overview of ANTIFA’s purported anti-fascist actions over the summer. Both groups, labeled by many as domestic terrorists, believe evil white patriarchal government systems have stolen resources and suppressed minorities and in the process became wealthy subjecting them to seconds class citizens’ status.

With the white wealthy men controlling everything, they teach it is now necessary to use violence and a powerful federal government, to force social justice, redistribute wealth, and advance minority positions in the culture at the expense of current and future white American citizens dreams.

Canvassing the campus of George Washington University, Campus Reform found that the vast majority of college students believe that the nation-wide rioting and looting being carried out by black lives matter agitators is ‘justified’.

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