Joe Biden's family has a long rap sheet
    There is no evidence that Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, ever personally interceded on his family's behalf.
  • Of course, probably her whole rotten entourage didn't hear these great Brits, but, thanks to this email, WE have heard them - and we send our love and gratitude to fellow & sister Freedom Lovers everywhere!!  Thanks, guys, for the real morale booster!!

  • This Hag is so lame; she needs the same treatment in the US.

  • Many, many thanks to our international friends who are standing for the truth and for us.

    • I second that!!!

  • Send Nancy to Epstein island?

    Too old. Too wrinkled. Too haggard.

    No usefulness.

    • Her only use now is feeding Biden's ice cream habit.

  • LOVE IT!!!  LOL!!!!  About time that evil witch got heckled!!

  • The English have seen the results of living under Government Socialist Programs far longer than the Citizens of the United States, therefore to them, Nancy is Amateur, easily recognized.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If ONLY WE called her out as WELL as the Brits did!

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