• Ask yourselves and neighbors how often are you attending the "School Board Meetings" where your children are being entrusted to be educated? If the answer is less than every meeting, then the majority of the blame for the "Failures of the Teaching Systems" lay with the Parents! In these meetings Parents Voice concerns, objections, outrages and demand answers to questions as to "Why?" Each and every meeting. At every Election Opportunity, All Concerned Parents have the Obligation and Civic Duty to "Fill the Positions of All School Board Member Seats!" Anything less is shirking One's Duty as a Parent, reducing themselves to the Common Position of a Complaining Whiner, unwilling to do more than Snivel and Blame!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



  • the enemy is within ourselves, the reason why is because instead of teaching our kids we let other people teach the kids that's where the problem is.


    In Japan, Lung disease, Pneumonia,Asthma, "Mask mouth"oral cancers, Bronchial related deaths are up 400%
    When oh when will the sheeple wake up and realize that they compromise our brilliant God Given Immune Systems!?!? We need to breathe in fresh oxygen. We exhale carbon dioxide which is harmful to our brain & lungs when breathing this in.
    painful side effects from ALL the fake covid vaccines! Hideous way to
    die! Let us never EVER forget that this Gates/Fauchi/WHO Wuhan lab
    orchestrated flu was created for the lethal depop injection roll out
    as a vaccine. NOT the other way around. No wonder why the word
    "pharmaceutical" means "witchcraft" "poison" "sorcery" "occultism"
    "black magic" etc.. Big Pharma$$$ EVIL on steroids. Wake Up SHEEEPLE!

  • School? You mean indoctrination centers don't you? Horrific agenda to pollute our children's minds. Do you want your children to grow up healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Then do what you can to HOME SCHOOL! Form groups on a local level and protest until they comply! Administrators and teachers who run these institutions do NOT have the best interest of your child at heart. Like Big Pharma, Hollywood, Big Tech giants, MSM look who's behind it. Call out the elephant in the room! This is all part of their GENOCIDE!

  • Parents need to demonstrate to the School Administration, Administrators, Board Members and Media the following: A 3" Line and a 5" Line. Above these draw a 3/8" Line and a 1/2" Line. The 3" and 5" represent the .03-.05 micron Hole Size in both Cloth and Paper Face Mask. The 3/8" and 1/2" represent the .003-.005 micron diameter of the Covid Virus. Ask, "How is it possible for a chain link fence to prevent mosquitoes from flying through?" Then demand Medical, Scientific Proof/Evidence that Masks sufficiently work as a Virus Barrier. No such evidence exist!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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