• God forbid we should see what is actually happening.  BS

  • one by one they fall in line

    • Seems that way doesn't it.

  • Fox News need a new facelift and if I was Hannity, and other show I'll pull out.

    • I am sure he would be welcome at OANN, but not the same income, I bet. 

    • I was wondering about that too One America News have to offer him a spot on their network.

  • So sad about what FOXNEWS has become since the two sons took over from their father. They are perfect examples of the mentally brainwashed young society we have now caused by the NEA controlled DOE for the past 40 years.

    • isn't that ashamed.


  • This is very weird but it's not the first time this has happened at Fox. I have also been wondering about Fox and I might switch to One America News Network exclusively. 

    • The Epoch Times is another great news source

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