• Big dissapointment FOX! "UNAFRAID?"

  • Faux news is the controlled opposition. Murdoch is a globalist. A few report the truth there. It's time conservatives recognize that D vs. R is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Globalist oligarchs own BOTH parties. The Rockefeller wing works together behind the scenes with Dems to advance the NWO/one world gov/North American Union. Our biggest problem is our own party. What did they get done in Trumps first 2 yrs. How many oppotunities did they let go by. It's not a mistake. They aren't dumb They are COMPLICIT.

    • Well said Anna... they are not dumb they are indeed complicit... both parties are out for their own purposes... not to serve the people.  We need term limits...  1 term, 6 yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election every 2yrs.  All elected and appointed officials limited to one, 6yr term... including Judges.  The current officials to e barred from holding any office of government ... federal, state, and local.

    • I am sure you are more right than wrong but I have a very hard time seeing Trump as a globalist. As far rearranging the deck chars, likely but it may well be the Titanic.

    • What do you suggest we should do then? 

    • watch One America News Network

    • One America News Network. OANN

  • We the People are not allowing the insurrection and domestic terrorism to run wild in America... local government and the PRESIDENT are not enforcing the laws needed to restrain and eliminate the lawless conduct of a few radical leftist groups.   America is being held hostage by a MSM in compliance and collusion with the Marxist Left and their radical groups waging insurrection in our cities and states.

    • That's the situation we are in! The President needs to keep sending Federal Police Officers (or equivalent) to protect the people living in those cities (under insurrection). The violent protesters we see in the news are not protesters, they are troops (a little army) serving interests that are against the US. We need to investigate their funding and sue them.

    • What do you think? Has the war inside the US already begun? Is Trump ahead of the game as he usually is? 

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