• Personally, "Not to wear a Maga Hat or Shirt" if One desires to do so, for fear of a wrong impression is an "Act of Cowardice/Enemy Philosophy Endorsement."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • DJT has called it a setup. He was well aware at the time Jan 6th was a setup, attempted to take preventative measures, but was foiled by insiders. Sad to say, we might have to consider Washington as occupied territory.

    • For all intents and purposes, IT IS and IT WILL REMAIN THAT WAY UNTIL WE GET THE MARXISTS OUT.

  • Do not go. Save it for the Big Move, and use your time to properly prepare.

  • MAGA should stay home. This is another JAN 6.

  • Time to stand against Antifa and BLM time said with a loud voice this is America this is the land God Blessed this is the land for hope around the world we will not be a Russia or China dictator country 

  • If "They" don't want hats/shirts with slogans then go naked with a raisin in your Naval and call yourself a "Cookie!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Damn, I believe that would work.

  • Don't do this and give these miserable bastards any ammunition to blame Trump supporters!

    • They will bus Anti-fa-fa there like they did last time wearing Trump shirts holding Trump Won flags with orders from Piglosi to do some damage on camera so we can further blame Trump supporters.

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