During a segment with Wolf Blitzer and Democrat Richard Blumenthal, the Dem Senator started spreading the false narrative that Trump electing someone to fill a SCOTUS seat was “illegitament.”

Surprisingly enough, Blitzer wasn’t letting this slide and called out Blumenthal for calling it illegitimate.


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  • The left's idiot U.S. Constitution hating base and minion believe whatever the assclown leftist like blumenthal say, he is following karl marx's communist manifesto and saul alinsky's rules for radicals. All based on lies, a failed doctrine, and in general bull shit, karl marx was a frustrated queer, relied on a working man's family to support his useless dead ass, because an assclown like george soros wasn't rich yet, from destroying economies of unsuspecting nations.

    • I like the term ass This ass looking blumenthal sure fits the bill.

  • Vote this son of a bitch out this election. God, this fake Military bastard shouldn't be allowed to hold office. 

  • It's per the Constitution but other than that it's just wrong? They are saying the voters should have a say in who chooses the judges. We took care of that in 2016! Hillary lost, get over it! Democrats are irrelevant in any rational discussion of how to run the country and struggling to make us think they are somehow relevant! They should all join Joe in the basement and let the rest of us get on with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


  • That's the problem with the fake news like CNN, the New York Times, etc. They can't do anything serious about Trump, which is why they keep lying about him. They try to bring Trump down because he is the frst successful business man, who devotes his time to public service as president selflessly when he could make billions as he has done throughout his amazing business career. The fake news need to be shut down immediately!

  • This is a typical tactic of Marxist... repeat a lie enough times and it will be percieved as the turth.... the bigger the lie the easier to convince people it is true.  Blumenthal is pathetic.

  • Blumie is both a liar and a sewer class moron.

  • JHey DaNang dickie, you should really CRAWL off and hide somewhere where WE can't see your lying face, ZERO HERO!!!

  • Impeach Blumenthal

  • Not hard to tell he is lieing.

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