• No Problem... Obama said there were 52 States... Democrats always have problems with math and science... being lunatics and morons math and science are challenging.  In fact, any set of numbers or facts is just fine as long as they support their goals. 

    • He said 57 states. 

    • Wanna bet he is counting territories expectantly to be incorprated into statehood, for a gain in government dependent federal Senators seats. Its all the insano Socialist Progressive rage now!

  • Sodom and Gomorra thought the same until God settled the argument. We have got to get these fools out of the goverment.

  • Texas Rep James Talarico is either an idiot, a liar or both.  In any case, he should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed by his stupidity or dishonesty.

  • What a stupid ignoramus!  There are two sexes one with two X Chromasomes and one with 1 X and 1 Y chromasom.  Obviously our school system is failing.

    • Hopeless Martha ... your explanation is obviously over his head.

  • God created male and female NO other exists!!! The congressman is obviously under the control of demon spirits to say such garbage!!

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