• Is this conversation for real.  I am not a doctor, but I guarantee anyone that with 100% accuracy I can identify any one of the two sexes.  Drop your pants and I can identify which sex anyone is without fail.  Anyone who believes there are more than two sexes is a real live, overbearning dumbass.

    • I am not a phsyician, but in the spirit of cooperation,

      count me in to assist.

      I'll handle the pretty women.....


    • Well said, Christopher!


  • Yes, They are this damned stupid!!! Romans Chapter ONE.

  • It's kind of like the idea of screen doors on submarines. They could probably explain it to be a good idea somehow.  

  • Six "inch"?? I'm a drafter, and 6" says six inches.

  • You've a right to your wrongful opinion. You don't have a right to inflict it on us through our now turned tyrannical gov..


  • The 'six sexes' remark coming from a member of a heterosexual species that propogates through just two sexes, 

    I am surpised this elected office holder would display a questionable level of awareness about the topic.

    Then again, maybe this man has romantic inclinations towards wooden fences (knot holes and all)?

    • Texas, I'm suprised you screwed up so badly by electing a "guy"(or maybe one of the other sexes) as ignorant as this!


    • Ha ha ha ha ha.

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