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There has been a tricky game being played by the state legislatures in some of the contested states following the fraudulent presidential election. The Republican majorities in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia generally want to decertify electors, but they’re faced with multiple dilemmas. The biggest one is optics; thanks in large part to mainstream media ignoring and Big Tech suppressing credible reports of massive voter fraud, millions of voters in these states are left without a clue about why decertification is necessary.

It appears Wisconsin is the first state to take a serious stab at it. Others have written letters and made proclamations, but the Wisconsin legislature is the first to make a move through a resolution. This is an important distinction because doing so is the first solid expression of the plenary powers over electors granted to state legislatures by the United States Constitution. According to popular Twitter patriot Mαχιмυs Ɗeploяaвιlιѕ:


The resolution in question is not a direct action to decertify. It is an opening volley to allow for decertification coupled with punitive actions against those who allowed vote fraud to be perpetrated, most commonly in the executive branch. As Maximus notes, this is a resolution and therefore does not require the Governor’s signature.

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  • If Pence does not succeed that's only because he believes his role is ceremonial, making the constitution a ceremonial document ... the king is dead long live the (british) queen.

    McConnel claims following the available instructions per the constitution would set a prescedent that democrats could use at another date, ok I guess he's saying let's wait for that! What a damned disgusting fool, an exact antithesis and nemesis of George Washington!  Use it or lose it!

  • If true voter fraud found and other states follow suit this should affect down ballot as well.

  • It looks like Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are going to follow suit.  We may be seeing HISTORY unfold.  #TRUMP2020 AND BEYOND.

  • Wisconsin is shaping up to be the doofus that places the Trojan on after the "expression".

    "Too late" retains culpablity.

    Have the result in D.C. at the Capitol tomorrow. EARLY!

  • !!!! EXCELLENT !!!

  • Hang tough TRUMP you were truly elected!!!

  • Good on them?

  • How will this affect what is happening on the 6th?

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