• Herbert, it isn't a question of balls, it is a question of integrity, who is corrupt andwho isn't!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sadly, it is too late the damage is done and the corrupt courts won't allow We the People to remove the corrupt, illegitimate regime by peaceful means!!!!!  We can try but they have already shown they will not stand against tyranny when they refused to look at the FRAUD presented to them last November!!!!!!!!!!

    • There has to be a way to put the decent people back in the courts again.

  • Is there a statue of limitations?  

    • I thought it was 2 years? It's supposed to be for election records, as well. In Georgia, Fulton County and Cobb County destroyed the evidence, per they say direction from Brad Rasenberger. If it's against the law to do this, shouldn't someone be going to jail? Most Republicans in Georgia are apparently spineless jellyfish, including the DA. They obviously are beholding to China and Zuckerberg (same thing). Wow, I would be in FB jail for that remark. Thank god for Tea Party & GETTR.

    • Tim, they aren't "spineless" they are CORRUPT, on the satanist payroll of Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg, and the rest of the satanic cabal of billionaire globalists!!!!!!!!!!


  • Is this a joke or what

  • Issues are grinding out in many states and show how corrupt the election was and never allow it to happen again. Anyone convicted must go to prison and have their voting rights taken away.

  • That election should never have been called for Biden to begin with. There was so much evidence right after the election. Their first clue should have been when the corrupt crooks kicked the Rep out of the precinct. It was so obvoius that the election was a fraud. When are the perps going to JAIL top to bottom

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