• I applaud the Wisconsin Legislature in its efforts to cleanse itself of the rank stench of collusive politics contrary to Constitutional intent.

    Wisconsins' efforts alone, or along with others will not directly alter the Joint Congress travesty of the Biden ticket rubberstamp appoval.

    But the wholesale effect will be that the virtuous states placing their own houses in order, may turn to their federal servant and require an account of itself.

    Will the unfaithful federal leadership initiate impeachment based on presented findings, to rectify its gross dereliction and betrayal of the Amrican peoples trust?

    Hard to say, but the federal leadership will not then politically survive through denial and inaction. The Democrat party is effectively a dead man walking. IMHO

    (a hard look at Biden, Schumer, or Pelosi confirms the autopsy)NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD avatar-press wallpaper | 2500x1933 | 138929 | WallpaperUP

  • Another question will there be an election in 2022?

  • The other states might if the people of each state pushes their legislative to do so.

  • Another load of CRAP for public consumption. By the time the next election rolls around there will be millions of illegals strategically placed in swing states and all given plenty of absentee ballots to ensure the democrats’ theft of another election. They might not even need Dominion.

    It makes no difference what laws or rules that politicians come up with. Other corrupt politicians can always find a way around them or ignore them completely.

    What happened in 2020 was far worse than any of the coups in various banana republics. It happened here in America in what used to be the last and only “Free Country” left on Earth.

    The people that seized power and control in 2020 are not about to give it back. It will have to be taken from them, quite probably by force.

    • Civil War

      We are in a civil war, and Dems are the new Confederates
      Wayne Allyn Root: 'The excuse for slavery in the 1800s was cotton. Today it's COVID-19'
    • So the old becomes renewed.

      The malcontents shall always be a part of us, expensively so.

    • The democrats never got over being the old Confederates, and just resurfaced for another try at it. They should be defeated again like the last time.

    • But this time, the post-struggle heavy-handed federal response will not be a resultant status quo,

      since the federal authority IS the horse they ride now, and not state sovereignty to be used recklessly.

  • It is a good thing we have a Republican legislature in Wisconsin.  They plow ahead with problems they see and have stopped many of the abuses our de"mock"rat governor proposed.  Anyone who does not think elections count, especially non-federal elections, should look at the example set by the Legislature in Wisconsin.

  • I wonder if any of the other states will have the balls to follow the Wisconsin exemple...

    The resolution not only recalls the electoral votes for biden it demands that a whole bunch of safeguards and audits be performed to prevent this from happening again.

    16 lines from the resolution, out of a total of 215 lines...

    22Whereas, the November 2020 Wisconsin general election, as regulated and
    23directed by the Elections Commission, was one of the most haphazard, controversial,
    24and poorly managed elections in state history, shaking citizens' confidence in fair
    25elections across Wisconsin, and with the culmination of these evidences, prove the

    1results of the commission's certification of the 2020 election are considered
    2fraudulent; now, therefore, be it
    3Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the accumulated
    4evidence proves the actions taken by the Elections Commission to certify the 2020
    5presidential election shall be considered contrary to law and fraudulent under Wis.
    6Stat. §§ 6.84, 6.87 (6), 6.875, 12.11, and 12.13 (2) (b) 7.; and, be it further
    7Resolved, That the Wisconsin Legislature, pursuant to its authority under
    8Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution and 3 U.S.C. § 2, and consistent
    9with guidance provided by the Constitutional Counsel Group in a memorandum
    10dated December 30, 2021, acknowledges that illegality took place in conducting the
    112020 general election and reclaims Wisconsin's 10 fraudulent electoral ballots cast
    12for Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris; and, be it further
    Wisconsin Legislature: AJR120: Joint Resolution Text
    Relating to: Wisconsin election reform and reclaiming the electoral ballots for President and Vice President that were certified under fraudulent int…
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