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  • They pushed super-hard for early mail in voting because they knew the Biden story would break and the economy would recover.

  • When you get a successful business man into the White House, you get a great economy and a responsible budget. He is about to pay off our debt, too, just like he promised in 2016. Trump is unstoppable, a real winner who gets things done. I look forward to his next 4 years in office. 

    • Agree!


  • this is amazing.

  • The liberals don't care,their hatred of Trump and USA will over ride anything else. These people are more evil then Adolph Hitler or any other dictator around world. We have to eliminate our enemies permanently.

  • I guess Twitter left no doubt that they are in the tank for Biden. The GPD for the 3rd quarter is an astounding 33.1%!! President Trump just keeps on winning. You would have to be a complete idiot not to vote for Donald Trump!! The difference is obvious Vote Trump: Have prosperity, job pay raises, low fuel prices, low health care insurance $$, secure borders, manage the Pandemic, crime policy reform, police budget increase, the strongest military in the world, and too many other perks to be listed. Vote for Biden: Green energy reform, government-run health care, you go to their assigned doctors, they decide what procedures you can & cannot have, control of the news media, high food prices, Extremely high fuel prices, gasoline, oil & gas, letting China take over this country, gun confiscation, their own Gov. police force in every state controlled by the Gov., In short: America will be transformed to the Socialist Republic with phony elections. There is no Democratic party any more!! They use that name to hide behind. They are a combination of Socialist /Muslum. It's the voter's choice!!! God Help Us!!!


  • THIS is the reason to vote TRUMP/PENCE 2020.   

    Gonna say it bluntly.   The vast majority of people that died from the chinese virus were probably ready to go.   They already had significant health issues.   YES, it is a lousy way to go.   Is there a good way?

    Less than 1% of the population has or will die as a result of chinese virus.   That's a fact.   Likely more than 1% of the population have a traffic accident in a given year.   DO WE TAKE AWAY THEIR VEHICLES?   DO WE STOP THEIR DRIVING?

    It is unreasonable, in fact suicidal, for OUR ECONOMY to shut down businesses for a possible 1% risk.   

    Shutting down all businesses is pretty close to a 100% risk of detriment to their businesses and their life savings.

    Shutting down all businesses is pretty close to 100% risk of DESTROYING JOBS.

    Shutting down schools has a severe destruction risk for all public school educations.   AND YOUR KID'S FUTURE.

    IT's time to cut the BS, recognize that there's risk even with getting out of bed in the morning and GET ON WITH LIFE.

  • If they do know they won't admit it because admitting President Trump is succeeding will scuttle what little hope they have that the dynamic dou of evil will win on Nov. 3!!!!!

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