Winner of the "Stupid Prize" Goes to......

This Idiot who jumped on the hood of a police car! I give him the D.A. award!

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  • G. Gorden Liddy use to give out an award when he had his radio show " The Dawin Award". It was given especially if the gratifing if the awardee eliminated his genes from ever being added to ant DNA pool.. This guy sounds like a good candidate.

  • Looks to me like he forgot to yell " stunt man "! You just can't fix stupid!

  • Hey, he knew the danger when he went out to disrupt our fantastic society, our culture with an economy and freedom undreamed of in all of history

  • If fools try to stop my car they will become speed bumps!!!!!

  • One more case of proof liberalism is a mental disorder, people too stupid to know they are stupid!!!!!

  • Stupid is s stupid does!! He deserves whatever he gets!!

  • 1 prize aint enough, there is stupid everywhere. Looks like they are all trying to out stupid each other.

  • Its a b***h to have to pay for your own choices.

    • The CHP should arrest the individuals who attacked their Patrolman for obstructing an officer in his duties and vandalism to public property... other charges may also be appropriate.

  • Great. You hope on a car and you should be headed for the hospital. 

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