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  • The woman is evil. She will die the way she lived...wicked, crooked and alone.

    • Are her feet burning yet?

  • Number ONE, this is NOT a damn Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Number TWO, it is NOT the job or the Right of any Social Media to decide what people should think or police statements for truth, it is up to the READER to research such statements and decide for THEMSELVES.

    • You are absolutely correct!

      we have a Constitutional   👍🇺🇸👏✝️🙏

  • This election we must get rid of every socialist that holds any government office from local mayors to Pelosi to the Socialists Senators that are for re-election 

  • We also don't have to use any of these platforms. We did very well for years without them.

  • We the people are invited to the social networks to engage in free debate only to have that right denied. The left considers only their positions to be worthy of discussion. With the public invited, free speech, open debate, and the wide discussion of ideas can not be denied.

  • the children of stupidity are the ignorant and arrogant, the children of the naïve and blindly tolerant are the impudence for anarchy and civil war. Alas  the purveyors of which are the Clinton's Soros’s and Obama's any form of rule either directly or indirectly that emanates from the aforementioned  socialists’ and would be despots will result in the decided loss of all personal freedoms and the destruction of this American society-the likes of which are sadly already in decline …….the Hillary's and Barack’s as well as false philanthropists like Soros need be stopped and I really don't much care how!!

    • I think ALL WE TEA PARTIERS will agree with you!

      well daid‼️

  • Go up to the tweet from illary and click on her moniker. It will take you to her twitter page. Once there, tell her what you think of her and her Nazi Putrin loving BS. I have already done that and if milions of us do that it will strike a cord.

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