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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will deliver a speech Thursday to counter President Trump’s remarks at the Republican National Convention formally accepting the GOP 2020 nomination. 

Harris, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee, will speak in Washington, D.C., “on President Trump's failures to contain COVID-19 and protect working families from the economic fallout” and the “Biden-Harris plan to contain COVID-19 and build a different path forward in America,” former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign said in a press release.

Trump is planning to give his speech Thursday from the White House lawn, and Harris’s remarks will serve as the Democratic Party’s main counter to his appearance. 

Biden and Harris both railed against Trump’s leadership at last week’s Democratic National Convention, a message they’re anticipated to continue heading into the fall. 

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  • I don't want to be mean but, I have heard so many Kamala Devi Harris bagge jokes that were so brutally funny that I had to run for the bathroom and I did make it thank God!!

  • Keep the faith people! The Lord wants President Trump to lead America back to Him.

    Trump 2Q2Q+, Making America GOD'S Again!

  • #heelsupharris?

    So many terrible choices he could have picked or realistically globalist oligarch est cld have picked FOR him. She's the worst. But perfect for the deep state that wants America destroyed so they can get their NWO. Harris slept her way to the top. Now she's whoring for the globalists. Pays BIG to sell out yr country. she's disgusting.

    • Gave this a lot of thought.   I believe that she was chosen based on the commonalities with the 0bama Natural Born Citizen issue.   Nobody would challenge him because they were afraid of the RACE CARD and the potential for that to blow up all over the US.   

      Anybody who has ever had a black person work for or with them knows they will accuse God Himself of RACISM if they don't get their way.

      You cannot let them get away with it.   They get away with it once and they own your butt.

      I had one try it and another that was going through a rough time and called me a 'cracker'.   I'd never heard the term before.   Had never had even one word with her before and I responded calmly telling her she had no fight with me and I'd not tolerate it.   Turns out her husband had walked out on her and her kids.   She never said another word and left the base shortly after as she was military dependent.

      The other one was assigned to me for training and she thought she'd get me to do the work for her.   I explained where to find the answers to her questions and inforned her that I knew she did these forms in her former job and that she was promoted because they determined she had potential.   And, that I had an extra heavy workload that precluded my doing her job for her.   She came back with, IF YOU CAN'T OR WON'T TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS, I'LL GO TO THE FRONT OFFICE AND REPORT YOU."   I said, 'By all means, Sharon, if you think I am not training you properly, you go follow the markings on the wall to the front office and feel free to give it a good bitch."    That was the end of that and no more problems from her.   She actually came back at a later date all chummy.   i don't do chummy on the job.   It's all business.



  • Harris has been an advocate of so many of the socialist ideas that I would not hesitate to call her a Marxist. God forbid Biden gets elected and then dies while in office. Harris would then become president and her policies would be so socialistic that they would make it appear Obama was a conservative. 

    She is not a natural born citizen since neither of her parents were United States citizens when she was born. But that issue snuck in the back door with the election of Obama. 

    • That issue needs to sneak right back out the back door.   We cannot allow that door to remain open.

      No way can she be allowed to take office.


  • Harris' past career is a failure.....jailing minor infractions for long term as a prosecutor, a lousy lawyer and lousy senator.  When it comes to failures.........let's look at the progressive/socialist platform she borders, medicare for illegals, destroy the 2nd amendment, huge tax increases for starters.......only their welfare constituents support this crap.  THE VIRUS WAS NOT CREATED BY TRUMP..........IT IS A CHINESE VIRUS, but as soon as he restricted travel from China........the lefties started screaming "racist".  Everything to these dimwits is racist......We've had enough of this BS.  The "democrats" constantly play IDENTITY POLITICS, constantly dividing everybody by whatever group works at the race, gender, language, cultural back ground, age, geography, education.........whatever is handy for their constant spread of chaos, hate and disunity.  Democrats are a disgrace.  Pelosi, Waters, Tlaib, Omar, Cortez..........are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and constantly tear down anything that is good for the entire population. Biden has been around for 5 decades and has done NOTHING FOR THE CITIZENS, Trump did more in 3 yrs than the entire left wing has done in 50 years.  In their divisive labeling, I a "white privileged male" CITZEN could never support any democrat under these rotten programs the left spews. 

  • Sour Grapes?   Too little and way too late.

  • There is NOTHING that a communist red-light district worker can say to counter President Trump!!  He is guided by the HAND OF GOD WHO MADE HIM PRESIDENT AND WILL DO IT AGAIN!!

    • Fantastic, couldn't have said it any better, GOD Bless You!!

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