• Because they OWN them?...........How'd I do?

    • OH.............And Prison?........What do they mean by,Prison?...........Shoot the Muda Fahkers. ENOUGH!!!!


  • it's interesting to say the least

  • These sorts of activities... wholesale espionage and treason are becoming prolific in many of our institutions of higher education and the government,  This rampant criminal conduct is flurishing mainly because men like AG Barr and Director Wray allow it... even encourage it. 

    How is this possible?  It is possible because very few of these crimes end up being prosecuted... Espionage and treason have become a national pastime for some Universities and government employees... Make no mistake, we know the crimes are being committed and in most cases by whom... However, law enforcement and the DOJ simply fail to prosecute... Thus encouraging even more criminal conduct.

    • Not even made to stand in the corner.

  • NO prison time for the traitors only execution is warranted for their treason!!

  • Why?? Do I really need to speculate about our Media and how they are "tools" of may want to consider that Chinese Propaganda flows through the "Anti-Trump" media..and 90-95% of the Media is Anti-Trump...the math is very simple.

  • Communist never rat out or hinder their comrades.

  • For everyone's review ......

    Iranian Vaccine Czar backs Biden, China, Qatar
    Plan is to vaccinate everyone 30 times in the next five years. A worldwide lockdown until next year. Sponsors are the World Health Organization, Unit…
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