Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Natural Immunity?

Blindly trust the government what could go wrong?: PoliticalCompassMemes

Many Individuals are blaming the unvaccinated for absolutely everything going wrong these days. There is a long, detailed history of the “othering” of a population leading to all sorts of horrors. However, it is wrong at a more mundane level, as well.

Public discourse surrounding the pandemic seems to focus solely on vaccination as a means of achieving herd immunity. Those who have recovered from the disease and have natural immunity, are being completely ignored.

But why?

Natural immunity.

The most frustrating thing to me, the past year and a half, has been the constantly changing narrative and the dismissal of formerly well-understood scientific truths. Natural immunity is one of those concepts from freshman biology that many seem to completely disregard these days.

I think this is a natural effect of the “cult of expertise” we have in the United States. Seemingly, anyone with specific credentials is automatically deferred to, regardless of how competent they are… or more insidiously, where their financial interests lie.

If more of us were willing to think critically about the “science” in the news these days, we could be more confident in managing our health. A healthy, confident population willing to argue and drag its feet on accepting medical treatments with which they aren’t comfortable is hard to push around.

A population willing to do anything to just “get back to normal” is not.

We’re not going “back to normal.”

As early as April of 2020, My friend Daisy Luther wrote that we were never getting “back to normal.” And I agree.

But we can move forward a little more well-informed.

I’ve gotten into some discussions with medical professionals about whether people who have recovered from the disease need to be vaccinated. These conversations would have been seen as utterly ridiculous three years ago. However, now, it seems, we all need to relearn freshman biology. So I’d like to review the concept of natural immunity to help organize my thoughts and maybe help others that feel like their heads are in a whirl.

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  • Someone explain to me how the UNVACCINATED ARE A THREAT TO THE VACCINATED... Aren't the vaccinated immune to COVID?  How can the unvaccinated be a danger to those who are supposed to be immune... the vaccinated?  Oh, the Vaccines really don't provide immunity... They are in fact not a vaccine... as they don't provide immunity... These vaccines are actually an experimental gene therapy at best and at worst a death sentence to those taking them.


    Why should the Govt talk about natural immunity when it can use the vaccine to control the American people! Natural Immunity is not welcome in DC. 

  • Hi Lopez,

    Global Markets actually do not bring me much concern. Ownership of various properties and concerns within the United States alone the past sixty plus years has gone from the French to the Japanese, to the Arabs, to the Chinese, and continuously circles. This is what commerce does. The bothersome things are the misdirection given to the masses through the MEDIA and Politics. Partial Truths are Lies: Example, Headlines, Water Levels Rising in NE! No mention of the receding levels around the Florida Keys, Equator, and the same distance below as a result of the Middle of the Earth Swelling. This too is a Climate Change, but cyclic, natural and reoccurring. Yet because of such misdirection, though the United States has some of the "Cleanest Manufacturing Air", we sacrifice our " Production Jobs", to purchase needed products from Nations entirely dependent on Coal for Energy Production. Not only do we not make our own steel, we do not make our own computer chips, fuses, light bulbs and thousands of other consumer products, which could feasibility be done with less than 10% of the "Carbon Footprint" of any other capable manufacturing Nation. Personally, I only care for my Fellow Americans and Our Unique Form of Government. A Government of Law, not Emotion. Law ruled by the Citizens and served by the Governments. As towards "Energy Supply", the United States is completely independent in " Abiotic Oil." The ANWR Reserve itself can keep the Nation supplied for the next 60-70 years, and this represents a mere 4% of availability at the North Slope. Do not confuse this with "Biotic Oil" (Fossil Fuel), for Abiotic is a combination of Calcium Carbonate and Iron Oxide combined under extreme pressure and temperature. i.e. The Tectonic Plates, a continuous action. As for "Free Markets", once again MEDIA and Politics have complicated a piece of string. FREE MARKET- Kid, " Want your lawn mowed?" Home Owner, "How much?" Kid, "$5.00." Home Owner, "How about $4.00?" Kid "Okay!" Owen's mowed. Kid's paid. Free Market. Find a Need and Fill It at a Profit! That is Free Market. All else is just added B.S. When I lived in the Islands there was a saying, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life." Now as to China specifically. Yes it is large in area and in population. However, the majority of the land mass is not available via roadway systems or railway. The bulk of the people survive on subsistence living. Now remove the Step and Deserts and include the mountains, what is left for agriculture? India? Bumper to bumper people most of whom do not like one another! Food is always at a premium and tempers are always "Short!" South America has yet to shake off its Dictator/Peasant Syndrome and Africa is the most extreme example of "Tribalism." What is there left? Not the Middle East, as they have been at War since before Christ. Europe, has pretty much used up its reserves, as has Russia. Weras here we have huge bulk reserves of basic materials for both "Trade and Use", and the means to utilize both, once we move the MEDIA and Politics aside. Just food for thought.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Global markets may not overly concern you, but they do determine th eworld economy.  As for media lies and misdirection, that's what they do.  There mission is to shape and form public opinion not to inform.  And yeah, we're all aware of the loss of America 's manufacturing sector, a good 20 + years now.  That and some happy horse shit about green and saving the environment cost me $5 dollars last week when I went to buy a light bulb.  That same light bulb used to cost me .29 cents a few years ago.

      You're a better person than me.  I don't care so much about the government and my fellow citizens most of who are jackasses.  I care about me, myself and my loved ones and my God given rights, which were stolen in a recent coup when they stole the election.  I care about my freedom and my pursuit of happiness (the legal tender).  My mother didn't have me for other people to use me.  Maybe I should be a nicer person, but I'm not.  What I am is an American and I ain't going to be treated this a way and I'm not going to be shorted either.  It's game on.

      The whole energy issue is just another way to take control of the economy and make whole sectors of the private economy unable to compete and whole segments of the middle class, blue collar working populations poor and poorer.  Energy is central to all economic opportunity.  All the climate issues are pure, unadultrated, bovine manure manufactured to create political support to aid the government officials create a rationale for a mandate to prevent the production of adequate supplies of cheap energy and everyone knows it to.  Once again, the media helps shape public opinion.

      Yeah free markets = economic plurality.  That's what made America prosperous that and property rights under law.  We don't have either anymore, so don't waste too much time anxing over it.  The "Free and the brave" have been trading them away for welfare subsidies and safety nets by way of government intervention.  China, now China, whew!  You sure do cover some ground.  I think I'll leave China, South America, the middle east, Europe and Russia for another day along with food.  When we get to move media and politics aside we will march through themiddle od Silicone Valley and straight into Washington DC.  

  • Now-now-now. Eight fingers and two thumbs. LOL

    See, if you and Dale go at it a while, my funny bone will act up.

  • If the government is unable to count votes... how in God's Name are we to believe they can keep legitimate records on vaccine administration and subsequent medical problems... they only have 10 toes and 10 fingers... after 20 patients... it is totally guesswork. LOL

  • What we are witnessing and living through today is the greatest scam in the history of the human race, which is now also morphing into the biggest cover-up, as vaccine injured people who have taken the experimental gene therapy shots are filling our hospitals, while the government and media lie to the American public and blame it on the unvaccinated.

    Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals as U.S. Governm...

    The most recent data dump into the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) happened yesterday (9/10/21):

    From the limited data that the CDC is willing to release, there are now 14,506 deaths recorded following COVID-19 shots, which is more than twice as many deaths recorded following all FDA approved vaccines for the past 30 years before the COVID shots were issued emergency use authorization in December of 2020. (Source.)

    There are also 18,439 permanent disabilities, over 100,000 doctor visits, and 58,440 hospitalizations, which represent only a fraction of all cases as most go unreported.

    And yet we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” filling our hospitals?

    Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals as U.S. Government Lies and Claims a “Pandemic…
    The battle lines over mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are now going full steam ahead in the U.S. as the Biden Administration is announcing today that all…
    • You betcha! This has become a flim-flam of numbers and language.

      I will not refer to Covid-variants as anything other than as vaccine-variants.

      The game completely shifts.

  • I thoroughly doubt that the concept of "Fair Profit" is any longer taught to the receiving generations.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • When the idea of individual respectability in ones own community and self-accountability has value, it will.

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