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"The best-case scenario is that someone is engaging in domestic surveillance. But there's a much darker scenario that could be in motion.

There are a handful of protections for the American people that the Deep State wishes didn’t exist. The Freedom of Information Act is the most famous and powerful as it has been used over the decades to uncover some of the most nefarious actions by government while acting as a deterrent to prevent them from being even more dastardly.

One of the least ballyhooed and utilized protections is the public transponder data available to track aircrafts and ships. Even the vast majority of military vehicles are subject to this type of tracking with notable exceptions under certain circumstances. It was through this tracking that Creative Destruction Media was informed by sources that a government surveillance plane has been circling the site of the Arizona ballot audits. This plane and others have been doing so from the beginning and continue to do so today.

Don’t be fooled by the stock image of the mundane-looking Pilatus PC-12/47E. This is a powerful surveillance tool often used by military and intelligence to collect unbelievable amounts of data with infrared cameras capable of seeing through obstructions and high-def cameras that can read license plates from the sky. It’s a Big Brother tool that would make Marvel’s “Hydra” proud, all wrapped up in a plane that could pass as a charter hop.

Following the loop of this particular plane reveals it originated at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport. This almost certainly means it’s the spy plane used by the Phoenix Police Department. We have reached out to the department for confirmation and to ask about the case for this particular flight on April 30. 

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  • Force it to land, arrest the occupants, waterboard them if we have to, find out who is paying for the airplane and fuel   ----  It ain't rocket science folks

  • Next audit, they need to wrap the building in coppper screen, if that still works these days. It has been many years since I have worked in a secure facility.

  • Looking for a way to screw up the truth

  • ?????

  • Some of these theories and ideas are getting really wild.The at least 5 different military inuts / installations located within a 100-150 mile radius o maricopa county, which any one of them could have onwe of these so called "spy planes" there. Luke Air Force base is within that radius, and yes it has been used by special opertions teams in the past, but doen't mean tha this is what is currently doing. 

  • To see what they could see, - - and all that they could see, was the other side of the building, the other side of the building!!!  Do you remember the old song we sang in grade school, about "The Other Side of the Mountain"!!  Hopefully that building does not have a glass ceiling.

  • Congratulations for the revelation and what the Hell is going on?

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