"WHY haven't patriots stood up, taken their guns, and stop this BULLSHIT??" quipped one patriot earlier on this site.

Why he asks?...  Simple, the People lack leadership, organization, and resourcing. The people are not stupid and are waiting for their local, and state leadership to commit.  They are waiting for their governors and legislators, their mayors, and local leadership to unite them in the common cause of liberty.  They are waiting for what may never come; as America's leaders and wealthy have lost their way.  They fail to see the serious danger they are in should they fail to act. They believe no one would kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Wrong, they will not only kill the Goose, but they will also eat the egg.  The world is full of historical examples of nations that have committed suicide.

America no longer has the heart of a lion or the spirit of our pioneers... its leaders no longer go boldly where others will not go. They are no longer committed to the common good; they are not interested in anything but preserving their own fortunes, and power. The Nation no longer harolds men of character, men like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Pane, who wrote and published a series of pamphlets on liberty, known as 'Common Sense". These men were willing to risk the gallows to inform and organize public resistance against the tyranny of the English King. No, America lacks leaders like George Washington who risked his estates and personal fortune to lead a rag-tag revolutionary army against the world's most powerful infantry and naval forces

Why don't the people respond... they do. They cry out for leadership and resourcing, for the where with all to resist. They are inherently wise enough to know that as individuals they will get nowhere with the despots in DC; but as an organized force of millions, with the resources of the local and State government behind them, the Federal Government will suddenly come to its senses and return to its Constitutional limits and rolls.

Until men of stature, of strong moral character and resources, step forward... willing to fully fund and commit their leadership to 'Make America Great Again', our movement will operate at the outer edges of political power.  It will fail to deliver, for the lack of real leadership, resourcing, and a pioneering commitment to liberty.

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    • The little guy Steve finds he hasn't the resources and the ability to independently mount a decent defense they look for leadership to organize them... only to find none and those that will do not have the necessary resources to properly organize... 

      Americans instinctively know a winner ... and they are reluctant to follow dead ends... they want leadership that has demonstrated they have the resources and ability to take on their cause... With the recent rack-up of BETRAYALS and an ever-threatening opposition, it is even more important that leadership be forthright, reassuring, assertive... and well resourced.  Frankly, the resourcing, and assertiveness is lacking everywhere... in the GOP, in the alternative media, and certainly the Trump camp which has taken quite a beating lately.  It is time for some victories and not little ones... big ones.  If nothing else a demonstration of massive support for the cause... 

      Ten Million lockstep on the front steps of the nation's state capitals... demanding the current administration resign would be a good step toward rallying America ... a Red States Convention assembled to produce sample Anti-commandeering legislation and to declare the 2020 election fraud and void; too, issue a Writ Quo Warranto, to serve on the White House, Congress, and the SCOTUS... Too, draft petitions that demand the WRITS... PROMPT adjudication... would certainly revive and strengthen the resistance, and provide hope where it is now sadly lacking. 

      The wealthy in the Nation need to speak out and support the movement to Make America Great Again... while they still have access to their assets.... and before the left decides they are a real threat and round them up like the wealthy Jews in Nazi Germany and shower them with a new brand of Zyklon B.... perhaps Covid 20.  It is time to take action before the People turn inward and withdraw from the fight... defeated from a lack of champions that are engaged and seen as winning.  We must not lose the momentum for resisting the Marxist Coup. 

    • Fear is an all consuming enemy... that leaves men but hollow shells for the gleaning of his enemy...  Fear, not my Children saith the Lord...  for perfect love, casteth out fear and with it comes the courage of one's faith... too, stand in the gap.... too, bridge that gap between doubt and knowing... between mere life and living... 

  • Damn Col.! Step up man! You have the knowledge, the background, and most importantly the HEART to lead.  I have a plan, 10,000,000+, peaceful, but prepared, one place, one time, well organised and Godly led. But I am one man of the 10 mil. We need 1,000 leaders like you to organise and a sound creed that meets our goals and Godly values that govern our actions. United we CAN stand!

    • Bent Nation, look at what the FBI said about  the inauguration  with biteme, that they have intelligents about radical groups in all fifty states going to stage an armed protest at all of the capitols.Now with that garbage they keep up from doing anything like peacefully protesting because they treat us like treasonist.

    • To honestly answer the question(s) expressed by Steve, co- founder, any person can only do that which they are capable of doing. Personally, I do not see anyone posting that is capable of organizing anything other than a birthday party for a Grandchild.  And those requiring leadership are themselves incapable of performing under good leadership even it if were provided.

      We all know that the best soldiers are young people. Why? Because they are more easily molded, directed, shaped and fashioned to perform, to follow orders, to adopt group think, and they can be shaped up physically, conditioned for service and combat if need be.

      Good information is absolutely required in order to make good decisions.  Bad information leads to bad decisions.  False hopes are grown from bad soil, from deceit, and from the desparation of people needing to hang on to something that just might make things right again.

      And then there is this. Honest people find themselves in a quandry. Law abiding people may be required to confront those who are not by using force as a means. This is a difficult pill to swallow.  Maybe God will do it for us. Maybe He will send someone to lead us. Maybe Trump is the one waiting just off stage for a bit. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

      Meanwhile, the worst keeps on getting even more worst. I think it is safe to ascert that Biden will not be the occupant very long, and that Harris will assume the throne.  I also think that if this is the case, then she will be the final occupant, the end of the list. From Washington to Harris. What an astonishing transistion.

      I appreciate the forum.  Where I can offer my views and read what others have to say on matters that are so important to America, and if America then the entire world.

      So, I will say this.  God speaks to us through His written Word, the Bible. Directly to us. Those who claim that the United States is not mentioned, then understand that Mexico, Canada, Australia, and so many other nations are not mentioned either. Not by their present names. But the people are. You and I are.  My name is not mentioned, nor are any of yours, but God is talking to you and me, face to face, personally, through it.  Satan is the 'god of this world',  and the tree is known by the fruit it bears.

    • Ahhhhhhhhh.  Dale you are so right in so many ways.  Thanks to the God of Heaven that there are still those of us out here who love our God, our families and our Nation.  Yes, we need a leader or leaders.  All the people out there in the front of the battle are still trying to work within the system, talk talk talk, use the courts, use voting, and they don't realise that they have LOST that battle. Corruption has taken over and you cannot fight corruption with words.  Power still belongs to the people, but the people have to be united.  Who is there to unite us?  We thought Trump, but he was still trying to defeat the corrupt system with the system.  We need a Gideon, a no body impowered by God, or a David who as a teen took down a giant. We need to come together as a body and do it now because the enemy is upon us.

    • Dale has some very salient points to make... and Bent your comments regarding a Gideon or David are on the mark.  Yes, we looked to Trump to be that Gideon and to challenge the system... too, drain the swamp.  That has not yet happened and Trump may still return center stage if he is willing to front the organization with the resources and organizational expertise he commands... 

      I have long called for a 10 million man march on the nation's capitols to peacefully petition the several states and Congress to restore Constitutional Government... too, pass a term limit and recall amendment... thus breaking the back of party politics and the lobbyist system of spoils.  Too, demand a complete revision of the Federal Judiciary Act restraining the activist courts by redistricting all of the Federal Courts.. removing the sitting judges and limiting the court's jurisdiction to the case in law before it and no further... I am for cleaning out all of the corruption and putting citizens in the driver's seat of our government once again.

      We know what to do... the problem is having the leaders willing to organize, RESOURCE, and execute the solutions available.  It is as if the wealthy and capable leadership is more interested in maintaining the status quo... not understanding that the status quo is about to eat their lunch and their bank account.  Let us hope that some interested and capable leadership will arrive in time to save our nation from its journey into oblivion. 

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