"WHY haven't patriots stood up, taken their guns, and stop this BULLSHIT??" quipped one patriot earlier on this site.

Why he asks?...  Simple, the People lack leadership, organization, and resourcing. The people are not stupid and are waiting for their local, and state leadership to commit.  They are waiting for their governors and legislators, their mayors, and local leadership to unite them in the common cause of liberty.  They are waiting for what may never come; as America's leaders and wealthy have lost their way.  They fail to see the serious danger they are in should they fail to act. They believe no one would kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Wrong, they will not only kill the Goose, but they will also eat the egg.  The world is full of historical examples of nations that have committed suicide.

America no longer has the heart of a lion or the spirit of our pioneers... its leaders no longer go boldly where others will not go. They are no longer committed to the common good; they are not interested in anything but preserving their own fortunes, and power. The Nation no longer harolds men of character, men like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Pane, who wrote and published a series of pamphlets on liberty, known as 'Common Sense". These men were willing to risk the gallows to inform and organize public resistance against the tyranny of the English King. No, America lacks leaders like George Washington who risked his estates and personal fortune to lead a rag-tag revolutionary army against the world's most powerful infantry and naval forces

Why don't the people respond... they do. They cry out for leadership and resourcing, for the where with all to resist. They are inherently wise enough to know that as individuals they will get nowhere with the despots in DC; but as an organized force of millions, with the resources of the local and State government behind them, the Federal Government will suddenly come to its senses and return to its Constitutional limits and rolls.

Until men of stature, of strong moral character and resources, step forward... willing to fully fund and commit their leadership to 'Make America Great Again', our movement will operate at the outer edges of political power.  It will fail to deliver, for the lack of real leadership, resourcing, and a pioneering commitment to liberty.

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  • Still waiting... vigilance is the price for liberty and vigilance acts when confronted by enemies... it doesn't send out for Pizza and Beer or look for another pandemic check in the mail.

  • Oh, and the simple answer?  Because we ARE conservitives, not radicals! 

    • Present day democrats are violent radicals to conservatives... our founders were radicals to the Brits... if a side doesn't play by the rules it would be silly to keep playing by the rules unless that's of benefit, sometimes radical ideas and measures must be taken to win

  • Before that happens we have to get the swamp out of office permanently , or it will happen again down the road. It reminds me of rust if all of it isn't  removed and the area cleaned it will return.

  • I think there are many people like our founders and organizing is more efficient than it was in the 18th century (as can be seen each time we go to DC).  In like fashon we the people must agree on leadership and protect them and what they hold dear 24/7... unlike then, these days such people do not stick their head out because the goal is to save the free nation, not make a new one, the strength is within our system not outside of it.  After all the swamp establishment has a constant underground when they are out of executive office, and we the people can or should do it better in spades (not unlike like the "GameStop" group in reddit)!

    • Oleg... thanks for your thoughts... However, I take issue that it is easier to organize today than in the days of our founders...

      First, there is a huge and diverse audience to organize... unlike the rather homogenous culture of our founding fathers, America has become a melting pot of cultural and intellectual diversity.  The Colonies all had strong cultural and native ties that bound them together, which cannot be said of today's universe of diversity.

      Next, the systems for communicating and sharing information was much more centralized and controlled before the introduction of electronics and a multitude of media capable of reaching nearly everyone on the planet.  Instead, Ben Franklin and Thomas Payne’s access to a printing press gave them an almost exclusive lock on patriot communications.  There was little to no opposition, misinformation working to divide and confuse the colonial message, driving the independence movement.

      Finally, there is today’s constant drumbeat of the opposition propaganda that invades every facet of our lives… from the advertising of breakfast cereal to the broadcasts of our national sports and past time entertainment the Nation is fed a diet of confusion and misinformation. There is a system of counter culture and identity politics, designed to keep us all divided and unorganized that must be overcome if one is to organize effectively.   It is also very difficult to organize people who oppose and even HATE one another. That was not a problem just 80 years ago as our Nation organized and united under one flag and government; too, defeat the axis powers of WW-2.

      No, today it is much more difficult to organize … a divided and angry nation… fed misinformation and driven by identity politics to hate one another.  Add to that, the massive amounts of conflicting information available to the public, at the flick of a switch and the tap on a touch screen. 

      Today’s organizations are facing huge challenges… to creating organizations that parallel those of our fathers.  Just look at the dwindling numbers in the American Legion, Lions Club, Odd Fellows, Veterans associations, Boy Scouts, YMCA and the list goes on and on.  People no longer need organizations, they have the internet… and electronic media… to stay connected and develop community relationships.  

      We need to reexamine how we organize and meet… how we communicate and socialize in a modern world.  A world where everyone can be anywhere at any time in cyberspace… in a world where organizations no longer need meeting halls or formal conventions… to be effective.

  • Ok, what should we do next? Good start with this blog. Are you willing to be a target? Are you willing to place your family in harms way? Are you willing to loose your job or livelyhood? Are you willing to be subject to false arrest? Are you willing to recieve death threats? What are you willing to do other than ask someone else to do something? 

    I'm waiting...........................

    • Nice to meet you Steve.  I have no doubt that these blogs are monitored. Once again the only protection is in numbers.  It would be easy to pick us off one at a time.  That is how they will come after our guns.  United we stand!  We must have some form of communication that if one of is attacked all of us can rally.  And we MUST reach out and pull us all together somehow.  Big tech is our enemy.  How can they be taken down?  Fake news is our enemy.  How can they be taken down?  But paramont is a why to communicate. You have connections.  I have connections.  We all have connections but we must be able to communicate.  Can we set up local cells via phone or text?  You have our log in info.  Give me a call or email.  I answer to you big question, I stand by this quote:

      “THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”

      Thomas Paine 


    • Yes, there are greater moral goals than self-aggrandizement.., than even family... For we are all part of a larger community, of an eternal line of succession... fathers are responsible for leaving behind a better world than they inherited, for their children...  The character of nations and man is found in the sum of his actions, in the iron of his will to do GOOD in the face of EVIL. It is easy to do good where all are in agreement... it becomes a greater challenge to do good in the face of mortal opposition.  

      Let us, therefore, lay aside our fear and pick up the sword of our Lord and go forward to meet the enemies of good... knowing that if God be for us who can be against us

    • That is it Steve, the swamp have us so much in fear of our lives that we do nothing but complain on here.Take lessons from the French during ww2.

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