President's 2020 Reelection Campaign Launches 'Black Voices for ...

The data collected from April 2-May 13 by the Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape project, an initiative that conducted weekly surveys of thousands of potential voters for nearly a year, found that 29% of percent of black voters ages 30-44 and 21% ages 18-29 have a "very favorable" or "somewhat favorable" view of President Trump. This compares to just 14% of black voters 45-64 and 9% of those 65 and older.

"Trump symbolizes a much broader understanding than just his personality, what he represents," veteran black empowerment activist Bob Woodson told Just the News. "I think that our younger people are realizing how they have been taken for granted by the Democratic Party and Democratic philosophy, and therefore are really open to alternatives."

Woodson cited as evidence of this new trend the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race, where white Republican Ron DeSantis won by only 32,000 votes over the black Democrat in the race, Andrew Gillum.

"And that's because 100,000 low-income blacks voted for DeSantis, even though Gillum had Obama and Oprah campaigning for him," Woodson said. "And that is because of DeSantis' position on choice in education and charter schools. So I think you're seeing a more independent strain through younger blacks who are able to look beyond the ideology and the personality and make decisions more on objective reasons to vote for people."

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  • I am a black man and I am 55 years old I will vote for Donald Trump this year point and final.


    • Jeff, You shall live your length of days, says scripture. I am 66, healthy as a horse and not going anywhere. Say what God says about you and do not agree with the enemy who steals, kills and destroys.  Repent.

    • thanks


    • Jeff- You're fine, at 55 you can't be considered "old", just in your prime; you have a brain that functions, as well as two eyes and ears.  At 83, you can new refer to me as "an old woman", but I will still vote for Trump!

    • thanks June


    • NO problem June... God told me he knew me before the foundations of the world and called me forth from my mother's womb in the book of the generation of my calling... that makes my length of days infinite... how about yours?  Oh, being born again of the Spirit ... makes us a new creation, not subject to the laws of the mortal... we transcend the law in Jesus Christ who is our strength... Mortal man is promised three score and ten years... or 70yrs in his mortal body.... AND MORE IF BY STRENGTH... think on that awhile, it will put a smile on your face and joy unspeakable in one's heart.

    • Colonel- I live every day, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, in spite of the rampant riots, desecration, and hideous lies thrown at us.  In my heart, I know the majority of US is far better then that. My daily prayers are a request to heal and save our nation from ALL ills - -socially, economically, politically - - -

    • Amen.

    • The younger black population, are ignorant! They believe in all this anti-Trump bull! They are easely led!

    • the black people are their own worse enemy.

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