• The  algoriythoms could not convert enough votes to biden, so they stopped to make a big mail-in dump.

  • They stopped at those numbers because they didn't want to exceed the total population of the states registered voters... and was it planned... Nah... the dead voted on their own no plan... Oops, postal service workers spontaneously decided to trash overseas military ballots and huge stacks f mail-in ballots from zip codes traditionally with high percentages of Republican voters... and every majority democrat precinct had 99% turn out... even the felons in prison showed up or mailed-in their ballots... all spontaneously, without a plan.

    Positioning cameras in areas that could not observe ballot certification or receiving docks were all accidental... placing cardboard over the windows separating sanctioned ballot watchers and the ballot counting was all the fault of the janitorial contractor and the election judges didn't notice the problem even when told.

    Actually, they stopped at those numbers because they ran out of dead covid 19 patients proxies... LOL.  No, no... the producers for the night of the living dead objected to the similarity in the voting public with their movie props and started a sued for copyright violations.  LOL

  • This election was as phony as a $3 bill. Biden is a private citizen now. I want Rudy (the tiger) Giuliani to sue Joe Biden ... take him to court. Would be great theatre to watch Rudy eat Joe's lunch!

    Btw, have you guys all noticed that President Trump was ahead in all the states above?

    • I hear Biden was passing out $3 bills if you promised to vote for him... and that millions are now upset because it's too difficult to figure out change when tendering or accepting these bills for services rendered. Some are reporting the Picture of Superman on the Bill is creating a counter-revolution in the Party, as blacks and Hispanics argue that the Bill is racist.

    • Colonel-Thanks for the laugh, I have been sorely in need of some humor lately!

  • Of course it was "pre-planned" - - -"In politics, nothing happens by accident!"

  • If the program added 6,000 at a time as the video of Kentucky showed, and they paused the broadcast image but kept the programs running they would need 500 cycles of rotation to make the score advance 3,000,000 votes or 50 to advance 300,000 and 16 for 1,000,000.

     Since the process reduced the current winner score and increased the losers score at the same time, they needed time without change (like a frozen screen) so when they re-started people would think the changes were new drops of votes and not think it was vote manipulation.

    They used the new votes to maintain the Trump (winner) balance while the program was dropping new votes from Trump and adding those to Biden. That way the stealing from Trump didn't show his vote count dropping even though they stole all of his votes while the screen was frozen and gave them to his oppenent. (Treason) (the Hammer and scorecard)

    • Interesting ... I'm a computer engineer in Silicon Valley.

  • Clearly voter fraud.

    • Call AG Barr and explain that to him... he's looking for voting irregularities ...not a fraud.  Oh, maybe that's why he is spending so much time in the head.... men's room... he's looking for irregularities.  Someone explain the difference to him he has been working in SHITE so long he thinks everything is caused by irregularities... not criminal conduct.  it, after all, was an irregularity that lost 30K email, and with Hillary being so irregular .. what else can we expect but irregularities. 

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