• Realistically there are but two choices before us. To either choose to believe that with effort Positive Results will and must occur, or, with Negative Beliefs we may be far better off putting a bullet through our brains as there is nothing good awaiting in the future. The choice is ours.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Agree with you Lynn but "I - M Lopez Declare My Self King for the Day" dictates below that I can't!  I must mind my own business and go make my bed and prepare some lunch? What a friggin nut job!

  • M. Lopez and Susan C. just imaging what could be accomplished if you two focused all that energy into removing Democrats from office! 

    • I tried imaging world peace back in the 60's.  I found out I had lint in my navel.  Now just imagine instead all you might accomplish, if you minded your own business.  Perhaps you could make your bed and prepare some lunch? 

    • That lint you found in your navel back in the 60's wasn't lint... Nope!  It was leaking brain matter.  Jus Sayin... 

    • I've asked you before what that signifies, "Jus Saying..."  You never replied.  Does it signify we shouldn't take you too seriously as you are just shooting your mouth off with stupid remarks that you hope will be taken for clever?  Or does "Jus Sayin..." signify you don't really wish to back up your remarks, that you don't have any basis for them at all? 

      Maybe "Jus Sayin" is like a nervous twitch?  You know something like a "Tell," like when someone is just bluffing in a poker game, or making up some BS story and they scratch their ear nervously?  I think we're through here.

    • I've asked you before what repeating "Lopez Lopez" signifies... You never replied.  Does it signify that you are not secure in your identity and therefore keep reassuring youself by repeating it? Or is it caused by the echo from a gender neutral bathroom where you hang out and harass others from? "Jus Sayin... 


    • I don't know what you're on about, but as usual it's idiotic, pathetic and unworthy, and off as well topic.  That's a site admin issue.  You might want to ask admin about it?  I don't write the headings and I am not responsible, nor tasked with responding to your trival stupidity and insincerity.  I find you to be a perfect jack ass who has never made a worthwhile contribution to any conversation that I have ever witnessed.  I will gladly let you have the last word as this stupid game of slap and slap back isn't worth the candle.

    • Lopez, I've watched you for quite some time and your actions are always the same. It's got to be your "vision", "assessment" or "solution" or you belittle, degrade, and harass anyone and/or everyone whom stands up to you by supporting their own point of view. Lopez for what ever reason I believe your miserable... you just don't like yourself and therefore that justifies you being the Jack Ass that you are period. Those are my last words!

  • The real White House is locked up.  It's NOT used by Biden, because he is NOT the legitimate and duly elected President of the United States.  It's all smoke and mirrors, a play on a stage with the real actors pulling his strings behind the curtains.  The curtain will soon be pulled back.....


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