COVID has been with us for more than a year and a half, along with masks and distancing, since last year, and vaccine mandates, passports, and booster shots have been added. How many of us thought life would be back to normal by now? Or if not back to normal, on an improving trajectory?

President Trump told us numerous times last year that it would soon be over. President Biden, as a candidate, promised an end to COVID. Promises, promises. From Biden’s campaign website: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a seven-point plan to beat COVID-19 and get our country back on track.” Whether Biden had a 7- or 17-point plan, America is not back on track.

Biden promised to fix every ill that he blamed on Trump: “Joe Biden has been laser-focused on the threat that COVID-19 has posed to our nation.”

How is that going? Has Biden vanquished COVID? Or is it just like Afghanistan, the border and illegal immigration, inflation, unemployment, energy dependency, and everything else touched by the Scranton Kid with hairy legs quickly turning into a flaming bag of dog excrement?

This news story, barely covered by Democrat propagandists, also known as the media, revealed the harsh reality that Biden has certainly not beaten COVID: “U.S. deaths from virus in 2021 surpass 2020 total.” This is based on Johns Hopkins data.

Why are things getting worse? Last year was the bad year. Remember death count tickers on Fox News and CNN, excitedly chronicling each additional COVID fatality? There was hysteria about ventilator shortages and hospital ICUs busting at the seams, requiring makeshift hospitals and U.S. Navy hospital ships that Trump provided and went mostly unused.

The media criticized every Trump word, tweet, and initiative. Each death was blamed on Trump. The scarf queen, Dr. Deborah Birx, famously appearing with Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the daily press briefings last year, told left-wing Rolling Stone that Trump was “responsible for hundreds of thousands dead.” Yet she was advising Trump and takes no responsibility for that.

Yet more are dead under the steady seasoned hand of Joe Biden, and the year is only three quarters over. How can this be?

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  • Your points are understandable Ron. And well intended. In times such as these we often forget that as little as 20 years ago 1/2 of a General Practitioner Doctor's Gross Income went to "Malpractice Insurance." Twenty years ago, half of a Doctor's wages so that some Ambulance Chaser could convince a Jury that an Individual deserved 100 times the amount they would have earned in their "Lifetime" for the Physician's Best Effort at that moment. And eventually "All Insurance Expenditures" will be recouped from the Customer, via Consumer. Note that No Legislation has ever been passed by Politicians who themselves are exempt from Civil Suits, to "Realistic Amounts Reflective of Expected Income/Life Style Loss." From the moment of Obamacre, the Medical Professionals have ceded the Well Being of Their Patients to Government Autocracy. If M.D.s stray from Government Guidelines, they risk losing their "Ticket to Practice!" Suing Doctors and Hospitals for any of this "Covid Related B.S." is akin to suing  Prison Chain Gangs for building Bad Roads! So yes, if We, the People cannot wait for or have no hope in the 2022 Elections changing things, then perhaps it is the Time for a Second Revolutionary/Civil War. Look around. Was was, ain't working anymore, and the "Buffalo" aren't coming back. If rescue isn't coming, then we must save ourselves, not destroy one another with frivolous lawsuits.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Oh Hell Ron, Every Day some new group of Lawyers are advertising for a "Class Action Suit" against something! Be it Internal Body Meshes, or Weed Killers. Just because Law Suits are filed and even won neither means "Right nor Honorable!" I personally know a Vietnam War Widow whose Army husband was stationed in Supply far away from Combat for his entire Tour. He began "Smoking" while Stationed, as cigarettes were supplied. Nearing Retirement in Civilian Life, His Attorney Sued the Government for giving him the cigarettes leading to his addiction which caused his Lung Cancer. They won Three Million! Many friends, Maines, died from complications from Hepatitis C contacted from the Squad Vaccinations, (Maine's did not change needles), and from complications of high doses of Agent Orange along the DMZ Combat Areas. Greasy Rain they called it. "It can't hurt you." My own Brother died in my arms coughing up his lungs through a Stoma. It took Ten days. People taking the Covid Vaccines had a choice and can just live with it! You believe suing the Hospitals and Doctors will solve anything? Understand this, the "Costs" will have to be passed on, or all the Hospitals and Doctors will cease to exist. And when the Costs are passed on, it is "We" who pay for it, just as it was for the asshole who decided to smoke tobacco in Vietnam!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I certainly don't agree with the general principle of suing for anything... However, short of civil war or suicide, there is little we can do but sue and hope that it will at least get the Medical profession to understand they're indeed accountable for what many outside their profession see as genocide...  It is more the messaging than the financial impact that I see lawsuits bringing... and a few follow-up moves to revoke Dr. Licenses for malpractice.... which they apparently have no problem engaging in... as they obviously don't see it as such.

    • Look at the mandates for treatment and questionable efficacy of the care provided for COVID... it can not continue.  IF, IF, the doctors and hospitals refuse to follow bad medical the Pilots refusing to take the vaccine, the medical system of compromised patient care will disappear, in a hurry.  Today's, Doctors are not the physicians of my youth; who at one time made house calls and took pennies on the dollar, when compared to today's expensive system of care. Office calls were often under ten dollars and most middle-class families had no health insurance. They didn't need it.  Medical Bankruptcy was nearly unheard of... that fact alone should tell us all something very important about the system today.

      I don't have the time nor am I inclined to discuss the serious issues we have with both lawyers, and today's physicians other than to say they are not what we once knew to be the core of the finest medical system in the world... we are now by far the most expensive and the last time I looked were not even rated in the top ten nations in the world for medical care... Wake up they need the butts sued ... it may get their attention and improve the lack of quality care pushed on America today...

  • The Medical Fraud taking place needs to result in thousands of class-action lawsuits... filed against hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals, that are following grossly expensive failed regimens of medication and treatments that end in excessive rates of death; while, ignoring others 'much cheaper' that have saved many patients lives when started early and properly.

    Criminal cases for wrongful death and criminal malpractice ... procedures that fail to 'do no harm' need to be prosecuted when they result in death. Refusing proven medical interventions... whether approved by the FDA for COVID... should result in criminal and civil actions all across the country... Lawyers and shysters everywhere should be signing up victims, and surviving families, for class-action suits in the Billions of Dollar range...

    This entire Pandemic fiasco is wide upon for a young law firm to male it big... defending the rape of our elderly and unsuspecting public by medical malpractice, wrongful death, and fraud... Stop the medical fraud and abuse... sue, sue, and sue until the hospitals and clinics start practicing real medicine instead of corporate profit regimens and plans.  Hospital administer need to be hauled up on criminal charges for manslaughter or elderly abuse... among other complaints like 'insurance fraud' ... Billing for expensive care that is known to be marginally effective, while lower-cost drugs are available that have proven to consistently provide better medical outcomes.  Such abuse should lead to the State and Federal Authorities decertifying the licensing of such institutions or doctors./clinitians.

  • It is simply a matter of money. A hospital admission for whatever ailment/condition pays a pre determined/set Flat Rate. However, with a "Minimum of suspect", if " Covid" is added to the diagnosis the Flat Rate dramatically rises, and the Hospital Profits. Especially profitable in instances of Heart Related Admissions, and Traffic Accidents. Specific example "Stugis Rider returning home at end of Event, after testing Positive for Covid, without symptoms, crashed head on into a Semi Truck Grill. Died at the Hospital from " Covid" for the additional $39.000. With hundreds and thousands of "Illegals" filling Our Nation's Hospitals Emergency Rooms from sprains to splinters, colds to bruises, accidents, barroom brawls to spousal beatings, all without pay/free/no charge/unable to be reimbursed, Hospitals happily add "Covid" to any and all with "Insurance!" Now that the "Flu Season" is upon us, equals more "Covid Infections/Deaths" because it pays more. The Winter's Cold Season will pay more. Food Shortages result in "Vivid Billing", more funds to continue operating. None of this is Rocket Science, just Simple Business Logic. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Lynn...

      You are obviously unaware that COVID patients are guaranteed coverage for care by the Federal Government pandemic policy... Hospitals are making a literal KILLING by diagnosing the common cold as COVID... don't you read... some hospitals take auto accident patients in as covid to get paid... fraud is everywhere.  By the way, I spent one night in intensive care in the local hospital and the bill was over 10K... for a bed, some pain medication, exrays, three meals, and two visits by the Doctor... that should cover a lot of uninsured patients care.

      P/S While in Iraq I was evacuated to Kuwait CIty where I spent 5 days in intensive care... loads of medical tests, and constant care by a staff of nurses and doctors... The bill was 929.00 Kuwait dollars or about 1800 US Dollars... My insurance paid it all. Like most European and Mid-East countries insurance companies are not allowed to have copays, deductibles, or co-insurance. The doctors and hospitals don't need insurance companies to approve treatment nor can they set fees for service caps... etc.  America's medical system is broken ... badly broken.

  • Any, or all, of the above reasons.  But far more pointedly are the follwing documented facts.  Dr. Michael Yeadon is the former vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory at Pfizer.  Dr. Yeadon had a career in Big Pharma that spanned decades.  But he’s been an outspoken critic of everything surrounding this medical warfare waged against humanity.  Dr. Yeadon recently made claims that the majority of COVID-19 deaths were a direct result of remdesivir or midazolam.  Remdesivir has remained a standard COVID-19 protocol in ICUs.  And reports indicate it’s done catastrophic damage to hospitalized patients.  Combination of drugs called Remdesivir, Dexamethasone & Vancomycin being used in hospitals to treat C-19 patients are killing them.

    WATCH: Former Pfizer VP Urges All Women of Child-Bearing Age to Reject Experimental COVID-19 Jabs
    Dr. Michael Yeadon is the former vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory at Pfizer. Yeadon worked in the pharmaceutical indust…
  • COVID is just a ruse. The real battle is at the schools. If the far left Marxist Democrats control the kids with this mask and vaccine mandate, then our kids would have been indoctrinated to “One World Order” government and the removal of freedom.  The socialist public school system must be removed and replaced with an educational system that promotes constitutional freedom and God.

  • Here is an interesting report about the vaccines causing the deaths. Horowitz: The data is in, and we are now worse off than before the ...

    Horowitz: The data is in, and we are now worse off than before the experimental shots
    In October 2018, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published a report that, if one didn't know better, might make readers think the…
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