Whose life are they playing with?

I have always believed in questioning dictated information.  My motto is question, question, question!  Questions I ponder:

Why did they totally ban an early treatment (hydroxychloroquine) proven to knock out covid in the early stages even though it has been used for decades safely to fight sars type viruses in addition to the fact that many doctors all over the world are using it successfully?   What harm could it do?  If it for some reason it isn’t successful, then doctors can try something else.  Don’t even suggest it is a strain on the heart, because that is a LIE.  Chloroquine caused heart problems, when they changed the compound to Hydroxychloroquine, they resolved the cardiac issues.

Why is hydroxychloroquine an over the counter drug throughout the world, but not here?

Why was remdesivir being used when it wasn’t even approved at the onset of covid by the FDA?  It had emergency approval, meaning it didn’t pass Dr. Fauci’s golden standard.  Who benefits financially?  It is quoted in the medical field as being no more effective than hydroxychloroquine. 

Hydroxychloroquine approx.. $25.00, Remdesivir $3,500.00. Plus a stay in the hospital.  Don’t you find that interesting?

Masks were effective initially, but this ongoing mandate?

Doesn’t wearing masks prevent us from being exposed to germs that keep our immune systems active?

Doesn’t wearing masks force our bodies to inhale what it is trying to expel (carbon dioxide and germs)?

Doesn’t this process increase difficulty for those with preexisting lung issues?  Many seniors have impaired breathing issues.

After all these questions are left floating in the air, then I have to ask myself considering the same people that left me with all these questions are now recommending a vaccine which it is rumored they have a financial interest in…..

What good is the intended vaccine?  What are the side effects?  Who is capitalizing on the vaccine? 

If we do nothing else, we need to inform ourselves before we let ourselves and our children be injected with yet another vaccine with questions as to the effectiveness the dangers and is it being promoted for the profit to certain individuals?

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  • Every single employer who requires masks is in violation of OSHA standards requiring the employer to ensure that each employee intake a level of oxygen that measures 19.5 (whatever the measurement is designated.)  Upon putting any kind of mask on that is not loose, the oxygen level drops to at least 17. If I am required to wear a mask while teaching, my talking would reduce my oxygen intake even more. 

    Every violation of OSHA is a $75,000 fine. Whatever states we all live in, we need to find naturopath doctors, health practicioners, constitutional lawyers, and ask them to write one unified letter to the Governor of the state. They have no right to violate my right to life (breathing), liberty (my decisions), health (HIPPA), happiness (life, health, independence and innocence). I am not a criminal for not wearing a mask when I go to Krogers. No one has the right to interfere in my health. Period. When walking into any establishment, tell them, "I have a health exemption." They are not allowed to ask you about it. HIPPA.



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