Washington D.C. is being locked down as a staggering number of military troops and law enforcement personnel are stationed throughout the city in the week leading up to the next Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday, January 20th. At last count, the number of military troops had ballooned up to 26,000, which is quite an impressive show of force. And the number of troops in the city might climb even higher by the time the next President takes the oath of office.

The media seems to believe the Mayor of D.C. or Democrats in the government are the ones flooding the streets of Washington with what amounts to well over 2 brigades of troops, many of whom are armed and able to use lethal force. They’re wrong. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser publicly released a letter on January 5 when the number of troops and federal units deployed to the nation’s capital was much smaller than it is now.

In that letter, Bowser insisted she and the city’s Metropolitan Police Department [MPD] be consulted before any further deployments were made. Since Bowser wrote that letter, the number of troops on her city’s streets has gone from 6,000 to 26,000. Did they consult her as requested? I can’t seem to find any documentation of that.

Note that in her January 5 letter, Bowser loudly complained about the federal tactical units President Trump deployed to D.C. over the summer to help contain the out-of-control rioting in the city, saying:

“We are mindful that in 2020, MPD was expected to perform the demanding tasks of policing large crowds while working around unidentifiable personnel deployed in the District of Columbia without proper coordination.  Unidentifiable personnel – in many cases armed – caused confusion among residents and visitors and could become a national security threat with no way for MPD and federal law enforcement to decipher armed groups.”

Ah well, it appears Mayor Bowser needn’t have worried. Instead of dozens of federal tactical units without insignia, somebody’s gone ahead and put 26,000 troops in clearly marked military uniforms complete with unit patches all over her city.

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  • When it comes to fighting ANTIFA in city riots the army brass did not want to take part in fighting citizens, when it comes to DC, they are protecting it from way over half the country of terrorists?  Whose side is the army brass they on?

  • I seen videos on tv about the antifa breaking into the capitol and the security guards directing then where to go.

  • This is nothing more then the liberal communist trying to force us into submission by their illegal army who by the way is paid for by US THE PEOPLE...

    • No! it is not it is paid by Goerge Soros, and the Obama administration.

  • Who are these troops making their oath to. What kind of vetting is happening. All troops take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Are these troops sworn to protect Democrats. Any US citizen harmed by our own troops will surely be held as martyrs.

    • I have no doubt this is prep for a devildemocommiecrat false flag to have antifa disguise themselves as Trumpers, cause chaos and blame "radical right wing terrorists" for what antifa does just like Jan 6!!!!!

    • No doubt that is their hope.   In fact, they were pushing for that in all 50 state capitals over the weekend.

    • If Obama has the supreme court to pass gay marriage in 50 state guess what Biden going to do?

  • I believe it's worse than that.

  • For exactly 150 years it has been our government against we the people..

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