• Why are these individuals not paying their rent.... they are being given CASH RENTAL ASSISTANCE pandemic supplemental unemployment insurance as much as 600/week in addition to their ordinary unemployment.  The government increased food assistance, utility assistance, free phones, transportation, medical assistance, etc., and those receiving it are using it on everything but necessities.. .bying new cars, large screen TV's, and basically living high on the hog... so high that it pays not to work... more income from WELFARE PAYMENTS THAN EMPLOYMENT.

  • The Left wants to circumvent any and all American laws, rules, and policies that get in their way.  

  • Once a communist always a stupid idiot communist 

    • Why not, once a communist always a communist?  Communism is a license to steal; to take other's property for one's own use.  Communists believe in the precept: "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." 

      Therefore, if you have a need and someone else has the ability to supply it the government can take it...  Under COmmunism, it is lawful to take the production of others' labor for another's personal use.  The incentive to become productive is ZERO as the government distributes production based on need, not personal effort.

      In such a system one becomes dependent on the state... and a parasite.  Communists live off the production of a few, to meet the needs of the many. That system simply doesn't work over the long run.  Most individuals will cease to work and will get in line for the FREE STUFF.  The result is poverty for everyone.

  • If the regime acquires all these rental properties we can guess what they would do with them.  Can you say Agenda19 or Agenda30?  This "public health" emergency is pretty handy for the tyrants of this regime.  Of course, that regime wants to circumvent the Supreme Court. They want TOTAL power.

  • This is about the GOVERNMENT administering a majority of the rental properties in the USA... Eventually, the landlords will SUE the government for the recovery of their stolen property and the Government under Biden will simply turn up the printing presses to purchase the rentals using worthless FIAT CURRENCY.

    The government is deliberately forcing landlords to default on mortgages (insured by the government) or to demand the government reimburse them for their losses in rental income... if the government insists on the landlord not collect rent.  This is all about the DESTRUCTION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS a fundamental pillar of Capitalism... and the extension of communism (collective housing) owned and DISTRIBUTED by the Government. 

    Wake up America we are not just losing our government... we are witnessing the destruction of private property rights.  Next, will be firearms confiscation... without reimbursement.

    • When Tyranny becomes the rule of law then Rebellion becomes duty!

    • This is not 1776...

      Today's despot has access to BIO-Weapons which can murder tens of millions... while the despot sits at home secure in his knowledge that he is immune. We are not dealing with sane people, genocide has become acceptable in the eyes of many who hold power.  Don't think for a moment that Billions can not be made to forfeit their lives if they fail to comply with a government mandate... Where the government has such weapons no one can rebel without forfeiting their and their loved one's lives.  

      Again, this is not 1776 when resistance was a duty and the means to resist was not suicide...

    • I don't know. To me, this is suicide either way. 

  • If the dems do that then there should be open rebellion against the sitting administration.  Landlords are taking the hit.   The tennants are probably taking advantage of t.  

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