The White House flagged money laundering in the art industry on Monday as a point of corruption while allowing Hunter Biden to sell his artwork to anonymous buyers for as much as $500,000.

The first report of its kind named the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption is geared towards exploring the ways and means “government officials abuse public power for private gain.”

Though the White House’s report specifically focused on the art industry as a “market” where financial crimes occur, it did not mention the Biden family’s involvement with corruption, such as Hunter’s art selling scheme to investors while his father is president.

Hunter has reportedly sold multiple pieces of art for at least $75,000 this fall to anonymous buyers, and the New York Times reported first lady Jill Biden has allegedly displayed Hunter’s artwork in the White House.

The White House has defended Hunter’s scheme as consistent with “the highest ethical standards.

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  • Exactly howe long do you expext to stay FREE with a CRIMINAL GOV. protecting your righrs?................Oh,wait,I lost my first amendment for "WRONG SPEAK/THINK",and that freedom of the press thing?...............PLEASE!!!

    WOKE COMPANIES USE UIGHUR SLAVE LABOR FROM C.C.P. CONCENTRATION DEATH CAMPS..................Where in the hell do they gwet off tellung us!!!!!..........DEMOCRATS SUPPORT SLAVERY. THEY REFUSED TO CONDEMN IT AND TABLED THE BILL THAT WOULD.................These pricks are overthrowing us.............PERIOD!

    The nation must WITHDRAW OUR WILLING CONSENT to an Unconstitutionbally elcted FRAUD. UNCONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED IS A FACT,unless of course ,we no longer have a Coinstitution.

    Revolution N0.2 or big brother will come for YOU!

  • I knew immediately that this art scam was bogus as a continuance of Hunter Bidens ongoing public disgrace.

    Hunter serves as a conduit for graft that fills Biden family pockets. A means had to be restored for him to funnel money into accounts.

    If you think it is due to Hunters need to express himself artistically, then lay off taking a drag off his pipe.

    Frankly, I produce works more expressively valid when taking a squat on the pot.

    Young boy child sitting on the loo toilet lavatory or bog ...

  • The Ethical Standards of those who have NO ETHICAL STANDARDS.




    invest in good strong rope

  • Highest ethical standards?!!! This from people who have blackness for souls!

    • I just choked on my coffee as I was reading your comment!  You got it for sure - ethical standards my a.s!


This reply was deleted.