• Peppermint Patty is probably a nice individual, but should not have picked a combination pressure cooker/range target job like White House spokeswoman, especially for Joe Biden. But she will surely discover this.

    • If she were a "nice person," she wouldn't be a demoncrat and defending another demoncrat with blood on both their hands.


    • Well, if she is not, then she is exactly where she should be to receive her just rewards.

  • Yeah, she did. Likely unwittingly. But she knows the truth, as we do.

  • I think there is more than one Plandemic going on here - COVID, Afghanistan and who knows whatever else.  Keep tuned; I fear there is more coming.

    • Creating a fictional reality is an art today... things that appear may not be reality. Fictional narratives, video creations, and the general manipulation of the 'Truth' in a world of electronic media, propaganda, and psyops are replacing reality.
      Deception is an art capable of creating an alternate reality from a fictional narrative... Elections are engineered, nations toppled by make-believe armies, panic generated at the hand of the electronic wizards, and general chaos summoned at will by evil men. Nothing is real in a world where up is now down and down is up... where honorable men are not at the helm of our State, illusion becomes more powerful than reality.
      We are in very, very big trouble ... when facts and science are manipulated with impunity by corrupt men with an agenda. I am reminded of the scripture that declares Evil Men will wax worse in the latter days, deceiving and being deceived.
      We now live in a time when deception is replacing reality... and the public is left to wonder what is real or not. Unless we remove the wicked politician from his seat of power and pull down their strongholds in our society, we are doomed to eat at the hand of deception, the poison of corrupt men, and our children will become the slaves of feudal lords.
    • You got that right, Martha!


  • Busted 

  • That ia exactly what she said. Bet the Dem scumbags joke about it all the time. THINK IT IS FUNNY HOW THEY had so many americans wetting their pants. Hope we get the opportunity to see thwm get their just deserts.

  • Oh yes she did say PLANdemic!  

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