Dr Stella Immanuel has enough skepticism to deal with regarding her controversial medical theories, but in the eyes of at least one Black Lives Matter activist, even her blackness is something to be challenged.

"You're not black on the inside, I'm more black than you on the inside," a masked white man yelled at Immanuel yesterday on the steps the Supreme Court in Washington, where she was part of a group of doctors staging a press conference to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a coronavirus cure. The man added that Immanuel was "betraying Black Lives Matter" and that "there were people during the time of slavery who enabled the slavers."

Immanuel, a Texas pediatrician, laughed off the protester's verbal onslaught, gently bumped fists with him, and walked away. Just how her views on HCQ made her a race traitor, the man didn't explain.

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  • dave chappelle must be loving this

  • What in the heck is happening to these white brains

    • Drugs and higher Ed. We're screwed!

  • i didn't realize that rachel dolezal has a brother

    • the same trend, they feel so bad about themselves that they would rather change of color, it's how dum and manipulative some leftists are. That doctor sounds like she's fighting for the truth (what she says could help people). On another hand, the guy blaming her is doing something wrong, he's insulting her and the people who'd like to learn more.

  • !!!! WOW !!!! Does she "LOOK" like a gorila!!! 

    • Seriously? How do you live with yourself?

    • Because nobody else will?


  • So does this mena that all Black lives do not matter. Bunch of HYPOCRITES. 

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