We’ve been talking a lot about the stock market today because of what redditors at the subreddit Wall Street Bets did to take on hedge funds in something of a popular revolution.


Jen Psaki gave a pathetic response, saying that Janet Yellen would be “monitoring” it and there were moves made to try to crush the redditors and the subreddit behind it.

So I ask Psaki and the people trying to crush the ordinary people behind these actions, what will they do in response to this story about what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just did?

Makes million on insider stock trading no one goes to jail - Scumbag  Congress - quickmeme

According to a financial disclosure form that Pelosi filed, Nancy Pelosi and/or her husband purchased 25 call options on Tesla Inc. at a stake price of $500, with an expiration of March 18, 2022, paying between $500,000 and $1,000,000 for the options.

They’ve gone up from $640.34 over this time to $890 as of today, which means they’re worth $1.12 million, according to Money Control.

So here’s where that’s a problem. Remember what a stink Democrats raised over the alleged insider trading of Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA)?

Pelosi/her husband made this stock move last month. Now listen to what Biden pledged yesterday.

From Fox Business:

President Biden on Monday pledged to transition the U.S. Government vehicle fleet with electric vehicles as part of his “Buy American” executive order aimed at refocusing federal procurement on domestic-made products.

“The federal government also owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which we’re going to replace with clean, electric vehicles made right here in America by American workers, creating millions of jobs — a million autoworker jobs in clean energy — and vehicles that are net-zero emissions,” Biden said during a speech announcing the initiative.

Shares of electric-vehicle makers Workhorse and Lordstown were up as much as 10 percent in early pre-market trading Tuesday, Tesla was also higher.


So what did Pelosi know and when did she know it?

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  • Psaki is such a disgrace!  But we must always remember, in today's USA what would be a crime if a Republican (particularly not a RINO Republican) did it; it is perfectly okay for a Democrat to do.

  • Oh please!! Pelosi is too powerful to obey the same laws as mere mortals. Justice is dead. 

  • my question is where jail time for all the Democrats and the Republican?

  • This is called insider trading and many have gone to jail for doing the same. Let's ask Martha Stewart about that?

  • I read that the 10 richest people (includes Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg) in the world added $500 billion to their wealth in the last year. I am sure sorass also got richer. Why do they not like Trump?

    • Because he does not believe in the one world order that the other asses are pushing

    • They don't like Trump, because he exposed where they got all their money. Trump is rich and has proof of where it all came from. Legally. Most of those listed get kickbacks on the kickbcks and bottom line is The American People pay. In addition to tax dollars, the have sold Natural resources from America to foreign countries and the money sure was not applied to the National Debt that they ran up. 


    • Vivian, how did Trump expose them? We just know that they got $500 billion more, probably mostly from gains in their stock holdings. Of course, Trump made his billions in a legit way. Real estate in New York is an obvious and good source of legit wealth, not just for Trump.

    • Because they're hypocrits.

This reply was deleted.