• You are calling me a sycophant? At least I get a direct and personal benefit from Trump and Republicans being in office: tax cuts. Biden already announced that he wants to raise my taxes. No thank you! No sycophany, either! 

      On the other hand, you have been very critical about Trump, but not only that. You even want to give him more powers despite your criticism and the many disappointments he has supposedly caused you. Still, you are the one who supports Trump no matter what, no questions asked, no matter how much he has let you down, how disappointed you are in him, how many promises you claim he broke. And you don't even get a tax advantage like I do. So, let's think about that, shall we? Who exhibits sycophantical behavior? 

    • If you don't like the term Sycophant how about Lemming...

      Sycophant a term in modern English, that refers to someone practicing sycophancy i.e. obedient flattery...usually in expectation of personal gain.

      Lemming refers to someone who unthinkingly supports a mass movement abandoning all reason.

      Pres. Trump doesn't need his followers to blindly follow him... He needs informed loyal followers who are willing to let him know if he strays to far from God's Word and precepts for government.

    • In that case, I'm good with being called a sycophant. I'm in good company. There are many of me who are totally loyal to Trump and who are in awe of his accomplishments. Thanks! - I believe lemming applies more to you then because you follow Trump no matter what, irrespective of the disappointments he causes you, the promises you claim he isn't keeping, etc. BTW he kept the promise that's most important to me: taxcuts. I look forward to more tax cuts from him that he promised for his second term unlike Biden who will tax me big time for any income over $400,000. What a dumb idea! Why punish successful high income earners?

  • They all need to be thrown out, except about a handful. Backbone-less, constitutional illiterates, pocket-liners. Where have they ALL been during this scam/plan and now, the steal?

  • I gotta tell you folks, I left the Republican Party a long time ago and became an Independent Conservative. Because there are very few Republicans with any backbone at all, at least the demon rats stand up, they're usually wrong but they stand up.

  • DITTO...  Time to demand loyalty to the Constitution and the written core values of the Party... the party planks.  Now that will be a novelty.

  • Time for Republican leaders to stand and fight for the nation show the people you were worth voting for as for former President Bush go hide on the basement you betrayed all those who voted for you.

    • Most of them are a bunch of quivering idiots who are there to serve their self interest... It always amazes me how one can be elected into office with $100,000 annual income and with- in a year, are millionaires.... 

  • They are hiding under they're desk and shouting, go get em Trump. Spineless amoebas that they are. Maybe they're at that morman guys house, you know the guy, the governor guy. This is discusting. Cesar had better luck.

  • You need money to accomplish any meaningful change. Sue the bastards and drain the coffers. Sign my petition. If you know a lawyer willing to help, tell them to take the case.

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