• That's why republicans are a dying party, they don't fight injustice (they turn the other cheek or give in), so the demons deliver more of it

    • So, what's it going to take to motivate republicans to fight back?  The good Col. has the right answers!!

  • It is time to give the MSM a taste of Antifa justice... millions need to assemble at the cable and broadcast media locations across the nation and shut them down... with peaceful but effective passive/aggressive civil disobedience ... deny them access to their studios, parking lots, and Corporate facilities... be prepared to hold the MSM accountable for their disgraceful cover-up of the massive election fraud...  Turn your backs on anyone working for the MSM and let them know they are no longer too associate with you.... dining with the Devil has to have serious consequences and socially ostracize.

    • The best and easiest way is to totally disable their electrical systems by opening the main source breakers and destroying all the wiring past the breakers. If done right it will take a month for them to get back on line.

    • Yes, that would work... take out enough of the wiring in the lead end of the circuit and it can't be properly repaired.. it needs to be replaced.  However, that is a dangerous task for the novice and may require felony entry... We want to use passive/aggressive measures... non-felony civil action... misdemeanor violations at the most.

    • I have argued for a long time that MSM is the problem and needs to be shut down. We need a media that report the facts. An oversight body needs to determine what is allowed to be reported. That way we avoid lies being reported that lead to illegal actions like sedition and insurrection. 

    • We need the DOJ and FBI to prosecute unlawful conduct by journalists... espionage, incitement to riot, election fraud, insurrection, sedition, and treason are not protected speech.  The 1st Amendment protections do not extend to unlawful conduct or speech. 

      Publishing classified documents is espionage, news items, and articles that incite crowds to riot is unlawful... propaganda created to undermine the government is sedition, supporting insurrection and violence, designed to coerce or terrorize the public and government is unlawful.  

      It is time for the DOJ and FBI to arrest, indict, and prosecute the MSM for unlawful speech... Expecting to avoid prosecution by claiming1st Amendment protections for conduct that is unlawful needs to end.

    • DOJ FBI CIA are corrupt, they are part of the DS.

    • That's right. I don't care what the technicalities of all this are, as long as the end goal is the same. I'm more of a big picture kind if guy. I leave the details to experts. 

    • Obviously, there are no experts anymore. Its up to us now.

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