Where is President Trump and why has he been so silent?

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by SamAdams76

I would like to address the elephant in the room.

Other than a brief appearance at the Wall in Texas last week, in which President Trump delivered a cursory speech, he has been virtually absent from the public scene.

It was almost two weeks ago that a fiery and defiant Trump gave a speech at the White House Ellipse (that I was there to see) in which he stated unequivocally that he won the Nov 3 election and was never giving up or conceding. He then ended the speech with a long list of examples of blatant election fraud in the contested states that rightfully should have gone to him.

Trump then told us to march to the Capitol (peacefully) and to let our voices be heard. You know the rest of the story.

Since then, we have heard practically nothing from President Trump. Yes, there were a couple of videos he put out condemning the violence at the Capitol (that he had to know was instigated by bad actors of the Left and not by his own supporters) and the one appearance at the Wall in Texas.

Since then, absolutely nothing from Trump. I know he has been cut off from Twitter, but come on, he still has the ability to reach the people in minutes as anything he posts on any social media platform (or posted through a surrogate) will instantly be propagated to tens of millions of people.

Tomorrow will be the last full day of President Trump's first term. By noon of the next day, the usurper Joe Biden, who had this election blatantly stolen for him, will be sworn in.

Is this the way Trump's first term will end? With a whimper? Will he board Marine One early Wednesday morning and head to Mar-A-Lago with nary a word to the American people?

I, for one, cannot believe that this is the way it will end. Surely we will hear from our President within the next 36 hours. I'm counting on it.


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    • Janet, I agree, if they kill Trump the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists would be on 24/7 crowing about it, unable to contain their joy that a patriot was murdered by their satanic friends!!!!!

  • President Trump is NOT done! God has had enough of the corruption and wickedness and will allow swift justice to take out the evil in all places. Military action to take place which is necessary to bring about new season of grace and revival.This is the Red Sea moment.

    • I can't wait to see the Red Sea drown all the deep state TRAITORS, including those at the state and local levels that brought this travesty on us!!!!!

  • Probably haven't heard from him because his VP, GOP, Staff, Congress, CIA, and FBI have let him down and don't support him.  And when he does say something the media shuts him down or turns his message into a hate speech... so as a whole,  the American people have let him down.  Time after time I hear, via news or the Tea Party  about all this evidence against the corruption but NOTHING never goes further than the posting. Come tomorrow America will get a new Dictator along with his minions and all this so called evidence will ALL disappear! Time to start a New Republic!! Since President Bush allowing 911 to happen till the current fake election, the New World Order (The Great Reset, Word Economic Forum) has been trying to take over this country,  now they got it.  They have corrupted the DNC, GOP, CIA, FBI, Congress, and Governors. In 30 days the Biden administration will undo everything that Trump has established - watch and see.

    • This is very true..

  • I am praying and hoping that his first term is only the beginning of another 4 years.  He is not a man to be beaten and I still don't think that Biden will be sworn in.  

  • thePravda/Goebbels propagandists won't cover him and their social media cohorts have terminated his platforms so how is he to be heard?????  This is part of the marxist conspiracy, to silence Trump and everyone who supports him!!!!!

  • WE THE PEOPLE finally have a president that loves America and ALL its people, he will take us back to our founding principles, restore our monetary system back to the people, restore true justice, that is why the DS hates him so much. God bless America AGIN.

  • Maybe because he has been cenrored by all BIG TECH? Can't blame him with all his so-called friends stabbed him in the back. Even his close aides.

    I also heard an asssination was made on his life recently & Melania's.

  • Yes where is our President, kind of odd that he so silent at this time. He only has a short time left as our President, has he just given up? Or is there still hope that he can set this right? God only knows! 

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