So many questions to ask here! Who is "They"? 


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  • The Left Keep lying about the suffering in cuba. Is not 62 years long? Enough with the lies and deceptions. Set the prison island free! SET My People FRee

  • Judgement is coming!!!

  • Biden can't remember what a Cuba is. 

    • I missed that!  I would like to slap him in front of the world just like the American Lady of the 50s used to to without hesitation!  How dare he, in position of leadership, minimize the suffering of my beautiful grandmother as she was held prisoner unable to see me or me see her until the day she died and then the communist vulture scavange all her belongings.  Its so ugly we cannot allow that to come here.    

    • Its a TENDERIZED Steak....RIGHT? A Cuba Steak!

      Of course he doesn't remember!

  • These people are the scum of the earth. I am sure phoney Hollywood and media are helping with body doubles and voice overs. My son dabbled in acting for awhile and you would be amazed at what they can do. 

  • Whisky  Tango  Foxtrot Sure it was in his voice. BS

This reply was deleted.