Where have all the patriots gone, long time passing... long, long ago.  Who shall charge the furry of liberty's furnace... Where have gone the stewards of liberty, long, long ago... who once secured our land, from the tyrant's hand?...

Where have gone the giants of Valley Forge and Bunker Hill... long, long ago? Too, graveyards every one?   Where live those who stood by the rude bridge at Concord....  whose, flags unfurled, did in the April breeze, declare their cause... Where are the men who once stood before the tyrant, embattled farmers, patriots true... a line of Blue, against the steel of tyranny's blade... Whose great resolve did fire the shot, heard round the world.. .Where have all these Patriots gone... Gone to graveyards every one.

Are there any to raise high their standards... ripe with fury? Too, stand at  Concord's bridge once more, shoulder to shoulder, against the beat of the tyrant's drums... Who, with cannons charged, and the tyrant's blade, wet with blood, fear not tyranny's hand? Where are the patriots who faint not from the task at hand, but with resolve will evict the tyrant from the land and ring liberty's bell ... once again.  Let us now refresh the call to Patriots true, one and all,  and with the blood of tyrants, refresh the Tree of Liberty anew.

 Where have all the patriots gone... gone to Concord every one? Where will you go, long time passing?

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  • No one has called us to arms at least not yet.  Thank God for that.  We are not confused nor ignorant of what we must do.  Patriots willing to fight are in the millions and are ready to march against those trying to destroy our homeland.  It will be a short fight but we are saddened by the fact that it will be brother against brother.  The uncivilized civil war can only be avoided if Trump gets reelected and reestablishes Law and Order across the land.  States under their present leaders appear unable to represent citizens unless they are black.  14 percent of the nation is black.  95 percent of the nations problems are black initiated.  It's time for them and the millennials to grow up and get back to helping the country rather than destroy it.  We are watching whats going on and we are armed and readt to fight.

  • Marilyn...

    If a citizen makes an arrest they must do so without breaching the peace and they must have probable cause... in many jurisdictions, they must be a direct witness to the crime.   In addition, if the arrest can be made without breaching the peace, the Prosector must be informed and he will need to examine the facts to see if an arrest was warranted and conducted properly.  If there is probable cause and the arrest was made properly AND the PROSECUTOR believes he can win the case ... he may arraign the individual... but don't expect that to automatically or even likely to happen.  

    Prosecutors don't want citizens making arrests and you subject yourself to arrest if you act improperly or illegally while making the arrest...

  • What EXACTLY can We The People do?  Militia?  Citizen arrests?  If the government isn't charging, arresting, and trying the political criminals.....Can we as citizens make arrests?  and then what?


    Ethics and Public Corruption Laws: Penalties






    Ethics and Public Corruption Laws: Penalties
    This table details the variety of consequences that correspond to different types of ethical violations, including criminal punishments.
    • Citizens can do very little to impact law enforcement in the short run... in fact, they can do very little period.  Electing public officials who make the laws regarding enforcement and appoint the officers who supervise the execution of the laws have the same problem listening to the public as the legislators and other public officials.  The Judiciary in many places are not elected ... they are appointed by elected officials... Governors or the President... We can do our best to elect those public officials who appoint judges that are constitutionalist... however, that doesn't even work much of the time...there is something about the air in Washington the corrupts everyone who breathes it.


    I agree with you whole heartedly. This is why we are on this site and doing everything we can to reestablish liberty. We the People got the wind knocked out of us when the pandemic orders came down the pike and we all wanted to keep ourselves, friends and neighbors safe, but our good hearts were betrayed and our caring for others turned into a weapon against the very people who make America great and keep it great. Maybe it's time to Secede from the control of the politicians and replant our flag on capitol hill. 

    • It is difficult to imagine today's patriot willingly suffering the terror of the long line of blue... standing face to face with the enemy but yards away and a ready volley of musket balls and the cannons bark... filed with grapeshot ... Where did such men of valor and resolve come from? Wherever that place is ... it doesn't appear to exist today.

      Today's fair-weather patriot is sore pressed to post on a website... let alone, to take time for a weekend national rally... God forbid it should rain or the government challenges their right to assemble without a permit or insurance... The time is coming when they will have to choose... between suffering the tyranny of tyrants or the harsh task of removing them with their own hands.  But many, simply expect their neighbor to bear the cost of liberty... thinking to wait it out... they may find that their neighbor is waiting on them. 

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