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It has taken little time for new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to make an impact. Barely a month into her new position she has already gained notice in the press circles, and the fact that it has not been a positive response is a sign she is carrying on President Trump’s stance of opposition with the media. On Wednesday McEnany served a good dose of what the press can expect with her at the podium.


She faced an accusatory question from John Karl about the administration ‘’hiding’’ Dr. Anthony Fauci from Democrats’ questioning, by having him only testify to the Senate. McEnany parried that by asking a question as a follow-up and having Karl admit that Senate Democrats will also be questioning Dr. Fauci. Then the new administration mouthpiece had a drop-the-mic-moment. After another accusatory question from Jeff Mason of Reuters, this one about her position on the coronavirus, Kayleigh lowered the boom by reading off a number of similar opinions espoused by numerous major media outlets.

We can find just how much of a state of distemper she has driven the press by the reactions seen over at CNN. Oliver Darcy has taken the mantle in trying to knock down the new press secretary — ostensibly down to his level. Darcy wrote a stern rebuttal about the press secretary Wednesday evening in the CNN media newsletter he co-writes with that network’s resident media expert maven, Brian Stelter. It was an amusing little snit.

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