What should the Tea Party do next?

8155654691?profile=RESIZE_400xI am tired of being Mister Nice Guy, Civil and sweet.

If We the People are to save America from the cluches of the communist left then it is going to take STRONG action. 

So, tell me. How can we hurt the left and send a message of: Don't Tread On Me.......?

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  • Facebook helps the Democratic Party ☹️😡 and others

    • So stop using FB!


      twitter and tik tok also support the dems

    • I have never used FB

      I am asking others to discontinue using it

      Zuckerberg spent over 419 million dollars to help the dems in the 2020 election

  • Americans anger slowly, "live and let live" is strong in this country, but seeing tyranny they eventually react.
    Like the pilots, police, medical personnel who said no to a vaccine, the people slowly get to a boiling point from where there is no return without action.

    The more Americans are seeing and feeling the pressure, the more we unite on this front, the better are the chances we can bring down the communists....hopefully without violence. 

    • Question for everyone:  How do you fight corruption peacefully 

      The corruption in Washington is the worst my husband and I have seen in our lifetimes and I am 73 years old and he is 77

      Peacefully if possible 

      Mark Levin lays out ways to do it 

      my fear is it's going to be too late, we have seen what Biden and his cronies have done in just nine months

      Just imagine what America will look like in nine months from now

      i for one don't intend to be like those poor fools in Venezuela chasing down garbage trucks and scrounging for food scraps. While Pelosi sits in her walled up mansion eating $5000 ice cream from a $25,000 freezer 

      Will Not become sheep like the 6 million Jewish folks who died under hitler or those millions who were murdered under Stalin 

      This vaccine mandate is only the beginning it's just a drop in the bucket 

      Question is who's really pulling the stings in Washington 

      We the People had better wake up and really soon


    • How?

      One thing is for certain no government reform will occur unless we have committed leadership... and a WELL FUNDED organization. We need a recognizable national organization that the Patriot can IDENTIFY WITH and FULLY SUPPORT. Lech Walesa's Polish Solidarity Movement used passive-aggressive civil disobedience, coupled with major labor and tax strikes, to remove the Communists from the government. However, that movement was well organized, had a unified command/leadership, and was persistent and focused on maintaining the political and economic pressure needed to remove the Communist Government.

      Pres. Trump's 'America First' organization could adopt the Polish Solidarity Movement model going forward.... too, engage the tyrants in DC and our State Capitols. Our battle is not just with the Federal Government Corruption is widespread, it begins with local government and reaches into the heart of the Bureaucracy. Our current problem is a lack of effective focus and the leadership needed; too, first, create a National Organization. An Organization capable of mustering millions in support of massive labor and tax strikes. Millions engaged in coordinated national passive-aggressive sit-ins, and lockouts that deny or block civil service employees access to government administrative buildings and offices.

      We must demonstrate that the patriot movement means business... weekend rallies are not sufficient or convincing The People must be prepared to shut down large segments of the economy, from time to time. They must be committed to engaging in such acts until all of the Government resigns, subject to new elections and the passage of a RECALL AND TERM LIMITS AMENDMENT... One term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election and appointment every 2yrs... The current electoral system is broken. Government reforms will not come by voting. Voting put us where we are and has kept America tied to a corrupt system of fraud and betrayal. We need major reforms and the electoral process is incapable of delivering them.

  • Some don't realize this but we outnumber these Marxist lowlifes and we are fighting for the survival of our Free America

    l strongly suggest everyone listen to Mark Levin and watch his show on Sunday nights at 8 pm please believe me you will be glad you did and get his book "American Marxism" if you will get his book and read chapter 7 he gives you many ways we can peacefully fight back to save our Great Country 

    our freedoms are being taken away right before our eyes and time is running out.  Keep your eyes on 2022

    • Will Marc Levin protest with us, lead the group, will he put skin in the game? All these personalities with their books behind sets and mics making millions......will they join us, lead the movement......or just talk?

      We peacefully gather in large numbers and they put up fences and thousands of solideres to guard them. How many for how long need to gather, how many have to spend time in jail for 10 months without charges, how many times do we get ignored and the capitol keeps doubling down against us? 

      Let the people in professional sports stand, they have much to lose if they can't play, and much to lose if people stop watching because they don't stand for the country that gave them the life they so enjoy. Let the cops step back and see what happens in their cities.....see how long before the people demand change. Let the military say no.....how many will they punish before we have no military. Let the doctors and nurses say no, after all they swore to do no harm and they are participating in killing people by not giving them early treatment that saves lives! When people in these positions stand, then the government has to step back and think it through, not because they agree, but because they fear for their lives, their positions, their money. Turn the table on them and the only way to do so is to affect the entire  country, so all people are forced to take a side!
      Basically shut down the country!

    • The key to a successful reform movement is effective leadership and adequate funding... a recognizable organization whose leaders are capable of mustering the public to engage in work slowdowns, walkouts, lockouts, sit-ins, and a host of tax abatement strikes; while, their leadership demands real government reforms.  Starting with a Recall and Term Limits Amendment. Recall the entire government subject to new elections and appointments. 

      However, the public must be prepared to engage in serious, SUSTAINED, peaceful civil disobedience... The government must understand we are not going home after a long weekend to resume the status quo  The People must be prepared to remain committed to their sit-in, lockout, labor strike, tax abatement strategies UNTIL the government acquiesces to our demands for reform... starting with a total recall of the elected and appointed government... subject to new elections.  Elections, the current officeholders are barred from participation, by the Term Limits Amendment.

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