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    • May be????

      You posted the link and it says it right in the Act...Fedeal Employees may not use email or social media to engage in political activity.

    • I don't know who posted the video to the internet or that Harris was involved in releasing it in an email... that is why I said maybe and then added we needed to know 'when, where, and how the event took place. Unlike Obama, I wait to have all the facts before concluding who or if the law was broken. You might try it... If there is more info on the circumstances surrounding the release of this clip I certainly do not have it nor have I seen any proof of her involvement in violating the Hatch Act..

      Besides, who will prosecute... the Hatch Act is routinely ignored by the Marxist Democrats with impunity. I see nothing positive coming out of his and certainly not prosecution of VP Harris. It is a waste of our energy and resources to pursue such matters as history shows no prosecution will occur.... we need to take our energy and resources and put them to use on productive courses of action... passive-aggressive civil disobedience.... labor strikes, slowdowns, walk out, sit-ins, denial of access events, tax boycotts, modeling our efforts after the Lech Walesa Polish Solidarity Movement....adapting some of the tactics found in Alyinskis 'Rules For Radicals' and the civil rights movement of the '60s.

      We must focus our efforts on events and acts that make a difference... using historic methods that have proven effective at getting the recalcitrant government to act on our petitions.

    • Lech Walesa and the Polish Solidarity Movement worked because it happened toward the end of the Soviet Union.
      It pushed the communists toward the end, but communism was already on life support at that point, they ran out of money and drained all the countries they controlled. They simply didn't have the money, the energy, the will, to continue to terrorize all these nations, they were demoralized. Gorbachev was talking to Reagan, he knew there was no future for the Soviets in Europe.
      He, Gorbachev was trying to figure out how to present it to the world with as little shame and violence as they exited these countries tike thieves in the night, they literally had long caravans of trucks heading East, snaking though these countries in the dark of night.....and gone by morning.

      Walesa came just at the right time, pushed it, got the people excited and hopeful, showed the communists the people supported freedom, but the ball was already rolling, the western winds were already blowing through Eastern Europe. When Reagan said at the wall in Germany "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" it was already a done deal. I remember standing in front of the TV thinking it was so naive of Reagan to say something like that, thinking we will not see that,  not in my lifetime......not realizing he never would have said it if he didn't already know it was already happening.

      The point I'm making is the Soviets were already weak after decades of trying to be a world power. Pushing communism in America is new, fresh, there is a lot of money to take, there is a lot of energy to make it happen, these bastards are not worn out, they are just getting started with the final phase, they are almost there, they are hungry, they can already taste all that unlimited fight that is completely different than what happened in Eastern Europe to bring down communism.

      But I do agree with you, "We must focus our efforts on events and acts that make a difference"

    • The timing was not the only element... the movement took 9 yrs to bring down the government... it was also the first among many other soviet block states that followed. The precepts of the Solidarity Movement worked in Poland and... AND in our CIVIL RIGHTS movement. Peaceful passive-aggressive civil disobedience is much better than armed CIVIL WAR or the ineffective attempts at reform using our vote.


      9 Years of Protests: How Solidarity Defeated Communism in Poland
      30 years ago communist regimes fell in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. However, the path to this was a long one. Poland needed nine year…
    • I agree disobidience over civil war.......a lot less people die!

      But the point still is, if the Soviets were in a strong position, they would have put them all down like they have done before! 
      We still don't know what this regime is willing to do, we don't know if the military is with them, we don't know how determined they are when people physically stand by the millions! The timing of the two situations is very different, one was dying, this one is just coming to take its first breath!

    • The time to strike is now... in fact, we should have been out in force going forward from the Nov 6h event.... the longer we permit the Marxists to remain in power the stronger their hold on government... as they purge all the dissidents out of the government... including the Military... The CRT and White Supremacy purge of white officers is one of Gen. Austin's ongoing programs to cull out any dissidents remaining in the military.

      We need to act quickly as the window for peaceful, passive-aggressive civil disobedience is closing rapidly... we may be left with no other option than civil war.

  • If any Republican, much LESS Trump, were to do this the libs’ hair would be on fire and they would be screaming about separation of church and state. They have never understood the meaning of that concept anyway. First the left wants to keep us from church. Then they use it as their own free platform for campaigning their trash. Shame on those churches for allowing.

  • President Trump should also do the same 

  • I thought that was illegal. Read  this morning that she is getting sued for making comments about voting for him

  • No seperation of church and state here....nothing to see here. So pathetic! Sick of alll shenanigans happening around  the 'dims"

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