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  • NEVER, vote Democrat OR RINO again, EVER!! 

    • I'd rather have the RINO governor we have than to have the democrat who would have been. The democrat would have been much, much, MUCH more destructive, and I do need to keep the damage lower until we get someone good running!

    • So what, they don't need your vote... in fact, they don't need any votes they MANUFACTURE THEM BY THE TENS OF MILLIONS... with the flip of a switch and the hum of the Dominion modems and servers guaranteeing the Marxists win... 

  • Vice Satan.

  • I pray that the Black church worship Jesus and not Kamala and Biden’s anti-Christ regime. Sovereign Righteous God, close the door on Kamala and the killing of babies up to birth and all the abominations she represents. In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Anybody that would listen to heels up has got to be an IDIOT!

  • This may be a violation of the Hatch Act, we need to see the entire clip and know when, where and how it was made...  See: The Hatch Act and Most Federal Employees Poster.pdf (

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