• "cleaning up the mess"? What a joke these people have become !

  • Patching the wall to prop up the idiot astronaut Kelly.

  • There was no mess left. The mess was created by the Biden administration created by stopping the construction of the badly needed wall.

  • His cornbread hasn't even been mixed yet!!!!!  dementia has never been accused of being even minutely intelligent but he is so impaired he can't make a coherent sentence!!!!!!!!!!

  • The demorats caused the last mess by not helping President Trump finish the wall, that is why he use the military money for. Now instead of biteme taking the money and giving it to the military to build it back up they put it into indoctrination  of the military schools into their way of life. AND SHE KNOWS IT......

  • Check this out.  I'm sure you find it fun and remember; this is what we traded for what we have today.

    eydie gormé - blame it on the bossa nova - stereo remix
    • That was well woth watching... a time we can all be proud of... a time when one could let their children play in the streets without fearing they would be molested.  A time when one could leave their house unlocked and return to find everything as one left it.  A time when a dollar could buy a ticket to a movie and a bag of popcorn and drink... A time when women were women and men knew the difference.

    • It's sad to see what we traded for our own road to perdition.  When women aspired to a model of giving and loving and men aspired to be worthy.  Now we go to war with what we got.

  • I can't wait when we regain both houses and the WH to expalled all the ellegals that have been crossing our borders under the puppet of Biden, and thensome.

    • You will have to wait  and continue waiting until hell freezes over.  It's not that I don't agree with you, or suppport your position.  I most certainly do.  It's just that it's never going to happen.  You may see some results in the mid term elections, but then the Republicans will betray you in congress as always and nothing significent will change.  Bet on it. 

      As for the White House, you understand nothing, if you think the hidden masters and tyrants that really run this country ( the bankers) will ever allow anyone in the White House that they can't and don't control completely.  Wake up and smell the coffee.  We have no control and, or real influence over what happens with our government, which OBTW has decided to destroy us. 

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