It's time to end the nonprrofits.   They are useful idiots for communism.

  • Every State has multiple locations of privately owned large animal chopping machines for the use and removal of farm animals and road kill. Private and Public means/funds transport and pay for this service. The service is a necessary need being far more efficient, cheaper and logical than burial. The end products are sold for "Animal Food" to companies such as Purina. Personally, this would have a far less "Yuk Factor" than "Solent Green", and would help recover Capital expenditures if applied to " Illegal Aliens."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    • Point well taken, but can't say I would repeat it in general public.

    • Maybe not even in private.  Though drug dealers, people traffickers and the like would at least have a minimal beneficial use. 

    • True; it also appears the "prince" of UAE believes in and uses that method, if we are to believe any of the reports about what happened to the journalist, Kashoghi (spelling) a few years ago.

  • We need to win big and elect members of Congress who are not cowards and bring all this idiots to court starting with the fake president remember he was appointed not elected but the media wants us to accept he won the election fair believe me he lost the election 

    • We must fix the demoncrats ability to control the voting machine tabulation. first. 
      It's been a year and nothing has been done. 

    • Yes.   And it's not looking good for fixing any time soon.

  • Never in my 71 years of life on this earth did I think we would be paying people for committing crimes.  The Traitor-in-Chief and his entire administration need to be brought up on charges.  But since that administration includes the Attorney General and the FBI, we all know that is not going to happen.

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