Liberals like to redefine words to suit their perverted satanic agenda of anti-God, anti-America satanism.  Webster's Dictionary defines tolerance as putting up with something one dislikes or disagrees with, liberals define the word to mean that what one dislikes or disagrees with must be accepted as equal to or better than what one likes or agrees with.  For instance, abortion, the murder of an unborn child of God has been redefined by liberals to be "a woman's right to choose" and a choice of life.  How does killing a baby equate to preserving life?  Liberals have also changed the meaning of gay from happy to homosexuality.  Since I, as an Evangelical Christian see abortion as murder and homosexuality a sin I am "intolerant" and a "hater".  I don't "hate" anyone and simply call for homosexuals to repent.  I don't use what the left calls "slurs" or call for them to be killed as moslems do.  I see calling for them to repent as an act of love, trying to help them find eternal life rather than eternal death as the Holy Bible states on the question.  How is it that I am the "hater" but people who espouse death, and carry out the threat, are not? 

A woman can get an abortion up to and even during birth but if that same woman has the baby and puts in a dumpster to die she is charged with murder.  The only difference is that a woman who does it herself is guilty of not paying the abortion industry the "blood money"  demanded by democrats and the abortion industry.  The federal government pays out over $500 billion per year to abortionists and allows them to sell aborted body parts for even more profits.  The top abortion industry people are paid hundreds of millions of dollars each every year, paid with money confiscated from working class American citizens, many of them Christians opposed to abortion.  I don't know how much money is being given to foreign entities for abortion but my understanding is that it is substantial.  Isn't it odd that Christian conservatives who oppose the murder of babies are both forced to pay for said murder and also severely denigrated by the left in America?

The Holy Bible calls homosexuality "an abomination before Almighty God" and states plainly in several places that homosexuals WILL NOT enter into Heaven but liberals deny this and call God's Word "hate speech".  The day will come when they find out they are on the wrong side of both issues.  Liberals also refer to people like me as "right wing extremists" and see themselves as "mainstream America".  This is another expression the left has redefined to suit their agenda.  There is NOTHING either right wing or extremist about defending the principles this nation was founded on but liberals have also redefined America's founding, the beliefs and intentions of the great men who founded America and wrote its Constitution.

In their evil quest to destroy America liberals have redefined every principle the nation was founded on and the often stated positions of the founders on faith and principles to mean the opposite of what their words said they were.  Liberals lose every time unless they use their control of the media and "education" systems to denigrate the majority of Americans as "unenlightened", "intolerant", "bigoted" "haters".  They know that none of their labels are true but they follow their heroes, the Nazi party of Germany.  They use the same tactics used by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, to "tell a lie loud enough and long enough until people are convinced it is the truth".  We see this every day in the media, and in "education" if you are paying attention.  I am not bashing elementary and secondary level teachers as most of them are handcuffed by teacher unions, federal control of the system, and textbook publishers who are all allied with the satanic left trying to "fundamentally transform" America into just another 3rd world puppet state of the New World Order. 

If We the People are to save the nation we Christians MUST repent, even for sins committed by others, and turn to God as 2 Chronicles 7:14 says.`  Our only hope is God's grace and mercy.  Vote for candidates who will govern by the Holy Bible rather than rule by satanic edict.  I know this won't be pleasing to many but I am not looking to appease mankind but am appealing to people of faith to Think, Pray, and Vote to take our nation back from the deep state satanists.  If we don't our nation will be lost to evil for a very long time, if not until Jesus comes back and destroys everything left after satan's minions have had their way for at least 7 years.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

October23, 2020     

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  • You made a groundbreaking point, Mr. Russell, when you stated " We Christians must repent , even for the sins committed by others. " God will judge this nation as a whole, until the age of grace is ended, not as good or bad, left or right, right or wrong.  Yeshua proved that on the cross when he prayed for God to forgive them, his accusers , because they had no idea what they were doing. We must pray and seek the face of God for these  lost souls and point them in the direction of the cross. 


    • Cheryl, please just call me Bob.  I am a very informal person.  It is true God will judge the nation as a whole.  I don't have much contact with lost souls as my whole life is surrounded by church life.  When I have had contact with those who may be lost I hope I have made a difference.  I mostly tell them of my journey since the stroke and my faith that God will fully restore me.  I have a great testimony and share it every chance I get, giving praise and glory to God for what He has done for me.  I hope Iit has made an impact on others and believe it has.

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